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Are you having guest over at the last minute and now you’re in a bind to serve a pretty dessert?  This past Sunday, my mom and I found ourselves in this exact predicament.  We had absolutely no time to make a dessert from scratch; however, we still wanted to serve something that had our own personal touch to it.   We  picked up a dozen plain donuts  from our local donut shop.  We  put our own touch of pretty-ness on our donuts as we covered each one in a colored powdered sugar glaze with sprinkled decorations.  The results were just lovely.  We enjoyed the pink decorated donuts more than the yellow ones, though they were both so much fun.  My mom and I agreed that the pink donuts would be ideal for a sweet little girl’s princess tea party.  We can’t wait to show you how easy our instructional is.

Besides decorating delicious donuts, my mom and I spent the weekend gearing up for Charlie’s first birthday party.  We are having too much fun with all the cute stores on Etsy.   This evening  Andy, Charlie and I went to an ice cream parlor in our neighborhood and indulged in  Blackberry Ice Cream and Lemon Chiffon Ice Cream.  We are having such a fun summer.  How is your summer treating you?

XOXO Melissa

Last Minute Decorated Donuts

-12 fresh plain donuts

– 3 Cups Powdered Sugar

– 1/2 Cup Water

– 1 tsp Vanilla Extract


-Mix Powdered Sugar, Water and Vanilla Extract with a spoon until incorporated.  Ideally, your glaze frosting  mixture will be a medium consistency between thick and runny.

– Mix in dye colors of choice.  We prefer using gel based dyes.

– Dunk each donut in your colored glaze frosting and set on parchment paper.

-Decorate each donut with sprinkles or sugar pearls.


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  1. What an awesome trick!! I’ll have to keep this in mind! :) I absolutely love the pink with the white sugar pearls. SO CUTE!!


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