Tiered Oreo Cookie Wedding Cake

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Milk and Cookie bars are one of my favorite party themes. This Oreo Cookie Wedding Cake would make the perfect addition to a milk and cookies party. While this tiered display utilizes chocolate sandwich cookies you could use any cookie or sandwich cookie available. The ‘cakes’ could also be made at a smaller scale to accommodate any table size. Pamela of Pamela Smerker Designs was fortunate to enjoy this at the Martha Stewart Headquarters.

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    • Thank you so much for sharing, this amazing Oreo presentation was truly incredible in person.

    • Jeanett Minderman

      Need to know directions on how to make tiered Oreo cookie wedding cake. DIdn’t seem to find it on page shown. Thank you! Jeanette Minderman

    • Bea

      How many cookies or packages does it take to make the oreo cake in the picture above?

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