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Here at BFFF, we always stay on top of celebrating all of the different national dessert days, but today we are going to shake things up with a new healthy twist. Our readers have communicated with us on Facebook that they have committed themselves to New Year’s resolutions focused on healthy living.  And because today, January 29th, is National Vitamin Day, I am sharing my very own healthy pledge with you.


One of my main commitments to myself for 2013 is staying healthy.  I plan on incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my diet, exercising for 1 hour per day 5 times per week,  meditating, writing in my journal more often, and taking my vitamins daily.  Vitamins are the one thing that a lot of people forget, and they are so important.  They pick up the slack for the other foods you eat each day.  I have taken healthy vitamins just about my entire life, and I cannot stress enough how important they are.

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I am sure we all know at least one person who does not take their vitamins because they can’t swallow pills. As a vitamin lover, I was excited to hear about Nature Made’s VitaMelts™.  VitaMelts are a line of great-tasting vitamins that dissolve in your mouth – without water – and they come in small, portable packages, so you can take them anytime, anywhere.  They come in natural flavors like Juicy Orange, Mixed Berry, Creamy Vanilla, Honey Lemon, and Green Tea Mint.  Kind of exciting huh?

So as we are in the first month of a brand new year, I encourage you to take a step out of your comfort zone and keep your commitment to yourself.  Whether it’s eating better, taking your vitamins, talking to your doctor about your own personal health needs, or reading labels, we would love to hear your plans.

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