New Video: Our house hunting journey

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Eeeep! I couldn’t be more excited to share an inside peek of our house hunting process!!!! I feel like I talk about it ALL the time over here (and here, here, and here), but I haven’t taken the time to literally take you on our true blue journey. We’re so close to hitting the 3 year mark…. Fun fact: we started house hunting BEFORE I was pregnant with Claire. We’re so overdue!! P.S. Being on video is a little more nerve-racking than writing, so go easy on us! ;) P.S.S. Here are a few pictures from behind the scenes of our shoot!! Sending you all bear hugs from Sunny Sacramento, California! =)





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Video produced by The Film Squad

Location of the home we toured:  Fogmodern (Eichler home in Sacramento, California)

Featuring our AMAZINGLY patient agent: Paloma Begin

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