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Funfetti Marshmallows

When reading the words “happy rainbow funfetti marshmallows” I can’t help picturing cute marshmallows with little smiley faces. While these marshmallows may not actually have smiles, I’m sure anyone who tries them will, and with easy to follow step by step instructions and inspiring pictures guiding the way, there is no excuse to not make them at home. […]

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Popcorn Fudge

  Who loves popcorn?  Me!  Who loves fudge? Me!  Who loves to eat fudge and popcorn together?  Um…still me!   I know a lot of you are also raising your hands, and after reading about this delicious, vanilla, Popcorn Fudge from Raspberri Cupcakes, the rest of you will be raising your hands, too!  A rich blending […]

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