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Interview with Steph Hooi of Raspberri Cupcakes

When Steph Hooi first began her blog, Raspberri Cupcakes, she set out to document her food experiences during her travels.  Luckily for us, she didn’t stop there.  As an Australian-born, Chinese-Malaysian food blogger based out of Sydney, Steph creates incredibly unique desserts that are vividly colorful, elegant, and often quite playful.  She was kind enough […]

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Sweets always taste that much better when they look as sweet as they taste! Whether it’s cascading ruffles on a layer cake or fun sprinkles, desserts with pink hues just seem innately more festive. At BFFF, we love all frosting (it’s even in our name!) and in these desserts, the frosting is actually the cherry […]

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The chic trend in sweets is obviously donuts! Donuts are cute, customizable, and individually sized, so everyone enjoys their sweet treat. The best thing about these round, cake-y pastries is that they’re appropriate for any setting. Whether you’re grabbing a quick breakfast on your way to a meeting or craving a fun dessert, donuts can […]

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We can’t help but want pink cakes for every occasion! There is just something about the delicate and feminine coloring paired with sprinkles or florals that makes our hearts melt. We’ve all seen a million baby pink cakes with sprinkles, but that is just the tip of the pink iceberg! We’ve rounded up the best […]

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Whether you’re celebrating with little ones or ringing in spring with your best friends, Easter offers a wonderful excuse to celebrate all things sweet! We’ve rounded up 14 must-make recipes that look almost as beautiful as they taste. Take advantage of the wide array of colors the pastel palette offers when styling delicious desserts this […]

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10 Orange Inspired Desserts

As spring is in full swing, bright colors are popping up all over the place! Summer will certainly be here soon, and with summer comes citrus fruits. Citrus fruits are always so refreshing on a hot day, especially when you’re having a celebration outside in the sun. Today, we’re bringing you a handful of great […]

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Simple Ways to Decorate with Sprinkles

Adding sprinkles to any dessert adds a simple pop of color. There are so many varieties that now there’s a bottle of sprinkles to match just about any treat you’re making. Today, we’re showing you some of the best ways to use simple sprinkles to dress up your favorite treats. Once you see these treats, […]

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National Candy Day Desserts

Did you know that today, November 4, is National Candy Day?  I know, we barely put a dent in the Halloween bags, but with hundreds of thousands of different candies out there, we still have plenty to celebrate! Whether you’re a chocolate lover or prefer something sugary sweet, we have some fun ideas for you […]

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Milk and Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes

Oh my! As if the presentation of these adorable cupcakes wasn’t enough, the recipe itself is just divine! These Milk and Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcakes from Raspberri Cupcakes are the best of both worlds – everyone’s favorite combo of milk and cookies plus the ever-popular cupcake! Start with a chocolate chip cupcake filled with chocolate […]

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Twix Cake

Have you ever had one of those baking days where nothing went right and you just wanted to throw in the towel? I know I’ve had my fair share, which makes me all the more grateful that Steph from Raspberri Cupcakes stuck it out and didn’t give up on her Twix Cake Recipe. I’m a […]

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Balsamic Strawberry Butter Cake

  I have been looking for the perfect cake for Mother’s Day for I don’t know how long, but I think I have finally found it. Thanks to Steph at Raspberri Cupcakes, I will be making this delicious  Balsamic Strawberry Butter Cake come May 13th for myself, and all the other ladies in my life, […]

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Chocolate Avocado Macaron

If you’ve managed to master the skill of baking macarons, then you’ll have fun with this intriguing alternative to the traditional flavors out there. These Chocolate Avocado Macarons were actually inspired by quite an interesting dessert idea – a Vietnamese avocado shake that Steph of Raspberri Cupcakes absolutely loves! Steph also loves a challenge, and […]

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Strawberry Macarons with Cookie Dough Buttercream

This is milk and cookies at it’s finest! Strawberries, milk, and chocolate chip cookie dough were combined to make these Strawberry Macarons with Cookie Dough Buttercream, a delicious experiment made by Raspberri Cupcakes. Made with Nestle strawberry milk flavoring, these macarons are reminiscent of the author’s childhood. You too will be begging for more once […]

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Salted Caramel Marshmallow

Hello hello, Lisa from Spicyicecream here! I was so thrilled when Melissa asked if I’d like to do a guest post here on Best Friends for Frosting. Today we’re talking marshmallows. After trying homemade, I definitely won’t be able to go back to the store-bought kind! Luckily, super fluffy marshmallows are pretty easy to make, […]

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