MELISSA JOHNSON STYLE ME PRETTY RICKS DESSERT DINER-6446As a lifestyle website and inspiration guide for stylish and creative living, Best Friends For Frosting® is dedicated to sharing cutting edge, chic ideas to inspire you to become your best self and to celebrate the every day in style! We’re here to energize, uplift, and excite.. Join us!

Founded in 2010 by Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, Melissa Johnson, Best Friends for Frosting features the best of the best in all things creative. Updated daily with hand-picked content, Best Friends for Frosting is all about inspiring YOU to shine daily. We understand how important it is to wholeheartedly love your life from the inside and out.

Our team is always on the lookout for ways to add that extra sparkle to your life. Whether professionals are sharing business tips, contributors are dishing up their favorite DIYS and recipes, or lifestyle pros are giving tours of their homes and offices, we are all about inspiring you to live out loud!

We believe in cake for breakfast, pink every day, glitter manicures, meaningful motivational quotes, confetti celebrations, and the perfect cupcake recipe. Simply put – Let’s have a party every day!

Melissa and her team work out of our headquarters in Sacramento, California. Our team is comprised of:

Melissa Johnson: Founder & CEO
Gina Fornito: Communications Director
Hilari Schaefer: Brand Director
Andrea Kaplan: Managing Editor
Andy Johnson: Art Director + Behind the scenes
Alyssa Allen: Career Section Contributor
Teddy Malison: Social Media Director
Aly Swezey: Social Media Assistant

…As well as our many amazing contributors, photographers, and videographers we’re thrilled to work with.