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San Francisco is a Californian city known for its steep rolling hills, endless fog, and of course the Golden Gate Bridge. But it also happens to be one the best places to indulge your taste buds! Check out some of our favorite spots for savory snacks. We’re willing to climb every hill we see to […]

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When it comes to food, Brooklyn just might be our favorite borough! There are delicious options for every sophisticated (or not) palate, and we want to try them all. Whether you’re snagging a Jamaican beef patty from a local bodega or feeling posh at a celebrity favored cafe, you’ll sure to find some savory treats […]

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Weekly Pinterest Crush: Rosie Alyea

We love Rosie Alyea, better known as the mastermind behind Sweetapolita, because she is as equally as sweet as her delicious creations are. An expert of all things sweet, Rosie’s style and flair shines through on all of her Pinterest boards, both dessert related and non-dessert related. I’m a huge fan of her Vintage Christmas […]

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Weekly Pinterest Crush: The Perfect Palette

The Perfect Palette is a wedding resource that assists brides (and grooms!) in picking palettes, colors, and a signature style for their big day. It’s no surprise then that their Pinterest page is jam packed with a ton of color inspiration, wedding inspiration, and vibrant seasonal features. The boards boast almost three hundred thousand followers […]

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Ask BFFF: Is it Better to Weigh or Measure Flour?

Is it better to weigh or measure flour is, unfortunately, one of those questions that is hard to answer. I can only comfortably say that it all depends on the recipe and the quantity. While I’m at work, slamming out hundreds of pounds in doughnuts or pastries, you better believe I am weighing my flour. […]

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Ask BFFF: How to Bake with Lavender

One of my favorite desserts in the whole wide world is lavender shortbread. It might just be one of the most delicious, decadent things I have ever made or eaten. While I have heard of people baking with fresh lavender or fake lavender flavorings, my favorite way to bake with lavender is to use a […]

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Weekly Pinterest Crush: Melanie Blodgett

Melanie Blodgett is the author of the popular blog, You Are My Fave. Melanie specializes in party planning of all varieties and has a style that is fun, feminine, and uniquely her own. Her Pinterest boards not only convey her ability to plan and throw a great party, but they also show off her own […]

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Ask BFFF: How to Bake a Cake

Before we begin, you’ll need a few supplies: a delicious cake recipe (you may just want to troll BFFF for a few options), an appropriate sized pan, an oven (of course!), a timer, a couple of toothpicks, and, if you’re feeling fancy, a cute apron. Plan it out: I’m a super planner, so I always […]

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Weekly Pinterest Crush: Jacin Fitzgerald

Jacin Fitzgerald is a wedding planner and stylist based out of the Bay Area with a variety of Pinterest boards that are sure to make brides, interior designers, and foodies swoon. Jacin’s brand, Lovely Little Details, is constantly being featured on fab wedding websites like Style Me Pretty and has many excellent reviews on Yelp. […]

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Ask BFFF: What’s the Difference Between Cake Flour and Regular Flour?

When it comes to the differences between flours, the answer lies in the gluten. Regular, or “all-purpose” flour, has a mixture of high gluten wheat (hard wheat) and low gluten wheat (soft wheat), making it ideal for cookies, biscuits, and some cakes. Cake flour, however, is made with low gluten wheat (soft wheat) and produces […]

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Ask BFFF: What Can I Substitute for Eggs in a Recipe?

I spent 6 months as an extremely strict Vegan, but I found after about month one (just kidding, about three days) that I just couldn’t survive without the cupcakes and cookies I craved. So, I found out many different ways to substitute eggs in my favorite recipes. Here’s a few of my favorites:   Bananas […]

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Weekly Pinterest Crush: Megan Gilger

Megan Gilger‘s Pinterest is an absolute must-follow for any up-and-coming blogger. Megan is the lady behind Hitch Design Studio, Hitch Print Shop, and a blogger over at The Fresh Exchange. Her boards are as bright and vibrant as Megan herself, and they are so full of style and design inspiration . The boards dabble in […]

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Pie Shops You Must Try

Everywhere you look, it seems a new hand pie shop is opening up in some nearby neighborhood, and I, for one, am thrilled. There’s just something so wonderful about hand pies. I could eat savory for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and sweets for dessert (and also breakfast, lunch, and dinner). Hand pie shops offer their […]

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Ask BFFF: How to Store Cookies

When I was a little girl, my grandmother had a huge orange cookie jar in her kitchen that was to-the-brim full of her favorite chocolate chip cookies at all times. She had six grandchildren at that time and four (adult) kids too, so cookies were always being baked and replenished to feed all of our […]

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Weekly Pinterest Crush: Elsie Larson

Elsie Larson is best known for her blog A Beautiful Mess,¬†and her Pinterest boards certainly convey her own personal style as well as a ton of features from A Beautiful Mess. The boards center around similar things as the blog such as crafts, fashion, photography, and recipes. Her Pinterest boards are a perfect representation of […]

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Weekly Pinterest Crush: Courtney Whitmore

Courtney Whitmore is the amazing author of the book, Push-Up Pops, and the editor behind the lovely Pizzazzerie. Courtney may be accomplished, but she doesn’t take herself too seriously. Her Pinterest boards are reflective of that and full of fun inspiration for so many types of parties. With pins covering everything from weddings to tailgating […]

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Ask BFFF: How to Make Cake Pops

Cake pops are a cause for a lot of confusion amongst home bakers. They seem so incredibly complicated, and yet they are really, really simple to make. There are two effective ways I’ve found for making cake pops, but I will say that for first-timers, using a cake pop pan (like Homemaker Chic does) may […]

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Weekly Pinterest Crush: Joy Cho

We love Joy Cho because she is a wealth of knowledge. She’s a blogger and designer who’s made it big with her blog Oh Joy!, her nationwide textiles, packing, and branding business, as well as her two well-received books Blog Inc. and Creative Inc. Joy, who has a sense of style that is simply unparalleled, […]

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