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S’mores are everywhere this time of year, so we decided to take this classic summer dessert and change up the flavors. Key Lime Pie S’more Bars are the perfect blend of sweet, tart, and tangy goodness. Messy to eat but impossible not to enjoy, these scrumptious bars are an ooey-gooey, beautiful treat! -1 1/4 cup […]

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Father’s Day is fast approaching, and while every dad might not appreciate a great tie, he can certainly appreciate a great cookie decorated to look like one! These Father’s Day necktie cookies will make for a perfectly yummy gift that any dad will love. FATHER’S DAY NECKTIE COOKIES FATHER’S DAY NECKTIE COOKIES MATERIALS: —A batch […]

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The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and that means Pinterest boards are vibrant with creative ways to dress up your table in festive hues of red, white, and blue. The great thing about decorated cookies is that they are perfect for summer–they won’t melt at your picnic, and they will light up […]

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Have you ever seen a cake pan at the store that’s so adorable on the shelf, but when you got it home, you had no idea what to do with it? Sometimes, you absolutely love the shaped cakes that the cake pan produces, but decorating them is kind of tricky since they have so many […]

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Spring has Sprung: Flower Cupcakes

Spring flowers are beginning to bloom, and it’s time to break out all the pretty pastel colors.  Have you ever wanted to make spring flower cupcakes, but piping buttercream flowers seemed a little bit too intimidating? Luckily, we have a quick, easy, and fun solution for you.  No need to worry about finding a bunch of […]

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Green Velvet Cake with Jameson Irish Whiskey Recipe

Can you believe it is March? I am so excited about this month. Hopefully the snow is beginning to melt in your neck of the woods and spring colors are beginning to blossom. My favorite color is everywhere, and just about every green recipe you could imagine is popping up in my internet feed. And […]

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Easy Valentine Postcard Cookies

Well, the holiday rush is finally over right? Or is it? My name is Melissa, and I am the owner of The Baked Equation. We had a huge rush for orders to fill over Christmas, and I was looking forward to some down time. But it seems that we are now gearing up to prepare for Valentine’s […]

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Ombre Sugar Cookie Cake

Hello again my dessert loving friends! My name is Melissa, and I am the owner of The Baked Equation. Can you believe there are people in this world who do not like cake?  Seriously, they are out there. In fact, I have one in my own family. So what do you do when you want […]

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Peppermint Mocha Rollout Cookies

My name is Melissa Barbakoff and I am the owner of The Baked Equation. I have a passion for baking, nutrition, and creating beautiful, edible gifts. Today I’m excited to share this wonderful recipe for Peppermint Mocha Rollout Cookies! Chocolate and mint are two of my all-time favorite flavors, and they pair together quite nicely. Like […]

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