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The Cupcake Crusaders’ Top 5 Places for Cupcakes

The Cupcake Crusaders, Stacy, Jenn, and Elisa, are three friends with one very sweet obsession. They share a great love for cupcakes and spend their free time in search of the next success (or disaster) when trying homemade or store-bought cupcakes. Today, these fabulous ladies share with us their top five favorite places for a […]

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The Cupcake Critic’s Favorite Washington D.C. Cupcake Shops

National monuments, museums, and beautiful parks aren’t the only sights to see in our nation’s capitol. Washington D.C. is also home to many cupcake shops. Stephanie, better known as The Cupcake Critic, shares with us her top five favorite D.C. cupcake shops! 1. Georgetown Cupcake “As someone who always roots for the home team, Georgetown […]

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