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Forget the usual green-dyed St. Patrick’s Day snacks. This year we feel lucky to know about a mint chocolate whoopie recipe by our contributor Tessa of Style Sweet. Soft, sweet, and easy to make, these sandwiches are the ultimate themed desserts. Here’s what Tessa has to say: “Is it a cake? Is it a cookie? Who […]

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This Valentine’s Day, you’re going to fall madly in love… with this pretty pink cake idea by our exclusive contributor, Tessa of Style Sweet The little ombre hearts make neat decorations that your friends (or just that special someone) will eat up! Here’s what Tessa has to say about her heart cake: “Not everything for Valentine’s […]

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For most of us, the holidays mean fun, family, and lots of sweets. This also means that you probably would rather be busy celebrating than working in the kitchen. While we want to serve our loved ones something special and from the heart, quick and easy treats are where it’s at! These easy peppermint cream […]

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                                                  There aren’t too many recipes out there that celebrate the cranberry, especially outside of the fall season. We’re not talking dried, juice cocktail, or that jelly cylindrical stuff either. With […]

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With fall in the air, apples and pumpkins are turning up everywhere. And for all you chocolate lovers, this Mocha Spice Cake will curb your cocoa cravings while still getting you into the autumn spirit. This cake recipe combines rich coffee, velvety chocolate, and all of the spices that remind us of pumpkin patches and […]

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Beat the summer heat with these refreshing Lavender Blueberry Spritzers! This vodka-based cocktail recipe is light and sparkly, making it perfect for any celebration this season. The layered flavor palette has a subtle floral element, which is perfectly balanced with a squeeze of fresh lime juice. A spectacular spin on the typical vodka soda, the […]

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It’s certainly the season for strawberries, so it’s no wonder there are so many summery recipes that make use of this succulent fruit. An often used ingredient this time of year, these juicy berries taste anything but ordinary in our Strawberry Grapefruit Shooters. The sweetness of the strawberries pairs wonderfully with the tart, slightly bitter grapefruit. […]

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With all the warm weather, as summer has officially arrived, there has been a shift of flavors in the dessert world. Light, fresh, and fruity flavors are more favorable this time of year, and combinations like these Honey Apricot Cupcakes are delightfully refreshing. Baked in these hand-painted cupcake liners and topped with dainty, gum paste […]

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Who knew such simple, pure ingredients could be so romantic and beautiful? With only a few components, these crisp yet chewy meringues are a delight to both make and enjoy. These Rose Meringue Kisses have an adorable silhouette and subtle floral flavor, making them both whimsical and sophisticated. This classic dessert is popping up more […]

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Sky-High Banana Split Layer Cake Recipe

What could be better than a delicious dish of all the classic flavors?  Layers of moist banana cake, creamy strawberry frosting, rich chocolate ganache, and whipped cream, that is. Today, we’d like to invite you to dig right in to this sky-high Banana Split Layer Cake.  We’ve taken our favorite flavors from a good ol’ […]

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How to Make a Mother’s Day Glitter Cake Topper

For all of you glamorous moms out there, this one is for you!  You are all superstars and deserve something with a little extra sparkle this Mother’s Day.  Today, we are sharing this shimmery, chic Mother’s Day Cake Topper.  Place the topper on any simple cake to jazz it up for your mother or for […]

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Strawberry Linzer Cookies

Tessa here of Tessa Lindow Huff Cake Design.  I am so excited to share this cute, delicious recipe for Strawberry Linzer Cookies.  Also known as Linzer Sables, this traditional German cookie is a take on the Austrian Linzer Torte.  I personally love how this classic can still be fun and whimsical in today’s modern age. […]

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Custom Cakes 101: Who’s Who in the Cake Design World

Today we’re thrilled to have Tessa from Tessa Lindow Huff Cake Design sharing all of the details about who’s who in the cake design world. Tessa breaks down all of the trends and shares her favorite custom cake designers. Cake: Sylvia Weinstock The trend of custom cakes has definitely hit its stride over the past […]

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Vanilla Bean Marshmallows

Hi eveyone! Tessa Lindow Huff here from Tessa Lindow Huff Cake Design.  I am currently living part-time in Northern California and part-time in Vancouver, BC, and I have been searching for some new ways to stay warm and toasty over the next couple of months.  Although the holidays have come and gone, we still have […]

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Salted Caramel Buttercream Recipe

Hi there! I’m Tessa Lindow Huff from The Frosted Cake Shop. I stumbled upon this super easy Salted Caramel Buttercream a couple weeks ago and am excited to share it with you all today. I’ve been busy baking off all my favorite seasonal flavors, including Apple Spice Cake. I thought the apple would pair perfectly […]

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Pumpkin Pie French Macarons

Today we’re thrilled to have the multi-talented Tessa Lindow-Huff of The Frosted Cake Shop sharing one of her favorite fall recipes! It’s pretty safe to say that fall seems to be everyone’s favorite season.  I’m not sure if it is because of the autumn menu at Starbucks, lazy football Sundays, or a chance to wear […]

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Tropical Passion Fruit Buttercream Cake

Today we are so thrilled to have Tessa of The Frosted Cake Shop bringing us a little slice of summer. School may be back in session and the leaves may be falling, but we still love to celebrate the bright, bold colors and flavors of the beach season! Here is what Tessa has to say: […]

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Guest Post: Contemporary Wedding Dessert Bar

I am honored to be sharing my expertise in the world of wedding desserts with all of you. As one of Best Friends For Frosting’s newest contributors, I thought there was no better way to introduce myself than to share my own wedding dessert experience. Being a cake designer, I knew I had to go BIG […]

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