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Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar always seems to find and write about exactly what his readers are looking for — which, as many bloggers know, is not an easy task! You’d also be hard pressed to find someone who puts as much time and dedication into their blog as Will. Practically everyday, Will posts something DIY […]

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It’s safe to say that Jillian of Catch My Party is one of the most driven women we know. Before starting Catch My Party, she worked as an analyst in the strategic planning department for Walt Disney and as a writer in Hollywood. Jillian began Catch My Party, a website where you can check out party […]

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Jacin of Lovely Little Details

Ever since Pinterest launched, I have been obsessed with weddings and have wanted to become a wedding/event planner at some point in my life. So when I got the opportunity to interview Jacin of Lovely Little Details, I was totally jealous of what she gets to do! Jacin began working with the little details when […]

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Carmen of The Flair Exchange

To all those crafty people out there, I highly envy you. I don’t know why, but I just wasn’t given the crafty gene, and my college apartment suffers because of it. But even though I am envious, I am also very thankful and in awe of the people out there who can take an ordinary […]

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Rosie Alyea of Sweetapolita

I can confidently say that Rosie of Sweetapolita is one of my inspirations when it comes to baking and desserts. If you’ve never visited Rosie’s site, prepare yourself to drool. Rosie’s obsession with cakes and all things baked began when she worked at a German bakery when she was 16. Further inspiration came for her […]

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Interview with Melissa of The Faux Martha

I would categorize Melissa from The Faux Martha as one of the most easy-to-relate-to food bloggers out there. She’s just a normal woman with a normal job who loves to bake like so many of us! Melissa has quite the eye for unique ingredient combinations and beautiful food photography. Additionally, each week Melissa posts her […]

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Jessie of Shop Sweet Lulu

I think we all long for the day when we finally land our dream job–when our passion and our career finally collide. For Jessie, this dream finally came true in 2010 when she opened her party product store, Shop Sweet Lulu. Jessie discovered her passion for party planning when she planned her daughter’s first birthday […]

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Ginger Elizabeth Hahn of Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates

Oh, how I wish Ginger Elizabeth Hahn could provide me with endless chocolate treats every time I’m craving them (which is most of the time). Ginger has been professionally working with chocolate for over ten years. She has also studied under big names in the chocolate world such as Jacques Torres and Daniel Budd. Now, […]

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Cupcake Project’s Brilliant and Crazy Cupcakes

                                        Happy New Year from Best Friends For Frosting! One of our New Year’s resolutions is to expand our baking horizons in 2013, and we’re feeling so inspired by Stef Pollack, the brains behind Cupcake Project. Stefanie […]

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Best New York City Bakeries

Are you visiting New York City soon? If you are, we are totally jealous! NYC is home to some of the greatest things including Broadway shows, Times Square, and an incredible array of baked goods. Today, we’ve come up with some of the absolute best bakeries to be found in the Big Apple. Whether your […]

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Greely Myatt’s Wooden Desserts

Recently, wooden decorations have been everywhere on the home decor and fashion blogs. Because of that trend, artist Greely Myatt has combined two amazing concepts: wood and dessert. Myatt, a professor of sculpture at the University of Memphis, has embarked on a journey to take desserts into a different realm of design. Dessert Girl describes […]

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The Breakfast Club Cakes

One of my roommates is obsessed with all things 80s, so when she sees these Breakfast Club Cakes recently created by Charm City Cakes, she, along with many others, will instantly fall in love! These incredible cakes were created for a John Hughes 80s themed birthday party. As can be seen, each are meant to […]

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Queen Anne’s Cordial Blueberries

For the past 60 years, Queen Anne has been churning out the little delicacies called Cordial Cherries. You can always find these little treats making an appearance at any kind of party, especially a Christmas one. This holiday season, Queen Anne is releasing a new chocolate goody called Cordial Blueberries. I, for one, am a […]

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Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Ice Cream

Okay, I know I’m probably the weirdest girl on the planet, but I’ve never been a huge fan of coffee. I know, I know, don’t hold it against me! But this year when all of my friends started talking about the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks, I decided to try it. Breathe a sigh of […]

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Cake Plate Clings

Look around in any boutique today, and what will you find? Patterns and monograms. But don’t just limit this style to your accessories. Bring it to your desserts! WH Hostess, a social stationary and party goods company, is now introducing their new product, Cake Plate Clings. These decorative linings are designed for cake stands, pedestals, […]

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New Candy Corn Oreos

It seems that Oreo always has a knack for making a cookie that tastes or looks like the current holiday season. They have Winter Oreos, Halloween Oreos, and even Summer Oreos! Oreo even recently released Birthday Cake Oreos to celebrate their birthday as well as yours! Now Oreo is introducing their latest flavor for fall–the […]

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Interview with Ettore of Ettore’s European Bakery

If you’ve ever wanted to hear a story about a man who truly represents the American dream, then look no further than Ettore’s story from Ettore’s European Bakery. Ettore grew up in Switzerland as a pastry apprentice. By the age of 20, he was already a professional Swiss pastry chef. Ettore left for America in […]

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