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When you’re baking your newest batch of award-winning desserts, don’t forget that presentation is just as important as taste! That’s why we can’t get enough of this recipe for pink cupcakes by our exclusive recipe contributor, Natasha Merchant of Cake Merchant. They’re easy to make and yummy to eat, and will make picture-perfect additions to […]

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We love all things mini, and these adorable mini red velvet jar cakes are no exception! Make room on your holiday dessert table for these fun little cakes provided by our dessert contributor, Natasha Merchant of Cake Merchant. Here’s what Natasha has to say about her recipe for the chocolaty treats: “Small batch baking is […]

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Looking for an easy summer dessert? This cheesecake recipe comes together in minutes and doesn’t even require you to turn on your oven. It’s not heavy or dense, like regular cheesecake, and the key lime juice adds a refreshing summer twist. There’s something fun about having your own individual cheesecake and eating right out of the […]

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Pretty in Pink: Strawberry Sprinkle Meringues

Today, we’re thrilled to share a recipe for sweet little Strawberry Sprinkle Meringues. They’re light, airy, and a great pastel pink color, making them perfect for spring! Use meringues as a cute topper for cakes and cupcakes, or as a great addition to any dessert table. Or, just top them with your favorite sprinkles for […]

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Looking for a unique twist on the classic berries and cream combo? These Berry Coconut Trifles use whipped cream that’s made from coconut milk, giving this naturally red, white, and blue dessert a distinctive flavor. With Fourth of July just around the corner, these trifles make the perfect dairy-free addition to any gathering. They’re simple […]

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Mini Funfetti Birthday Cakes

Layer cakes are absolutely one of the most popular desserts around, and today, we’re excited to be sharing a miniature version. This recipe makes a small batch (just two small cakes) that will satisfy your cake craving. These little cakes are perfect for any small party at home, or even just a Tuesday night when […]

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Mini Cherry Almond Cupcakes Recipe

Hi everyone, it’s Natasha from the Cake Merchant. Today I’m here to share one of my favorite cupcake recipes. A few weeks ago, my friend asked me to bring cupcakes to her 5 year old daughter’s birthday party. When I asked her daughter what her favorite flavor was, she instantly exclaimed, “PINK!” Not only are […]

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No-Bake Peppermint Bark Cheesecake Shooters

Today we have Natasha sharing a fantastic holiday recipe to serve at your holiday party. Here’s what she has to say: Hi, it’s Natasha from The Cake Merchant. Today I’m here to share one of my favorite things — dessert shooters. After I’ve had my fill of Halloween candy and pumpkin pie this season, all I […]

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Pumpkin Meringues

Today we are so thrilled to have Natasha sharing this cute Halloween themed dessert. October is official here, and pumpkins will be lining the sidewalks in no time. Get ready to celebrate with these adorable Pumpkin Meringue Cookies!  Here is what Natasha has to say: Hi, I’m Natasha and I’m the blogger behind The Cake […]

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