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BFFF Parties with Deb of Smitten Kitchen

Hanging out with Deb from Smitten Kitchen, a glass of wine in one hand, a macaron in the other, is the perfect way to spend an evening if you’re a foodie, a blogger, or an aspiring author. It’s also a great way to spend the evening if you like hanging out with a cool, down-to-earth […]

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Cupcake Milk

Hi foodie friends! It’s Brooke from Sucre Shop, and I’m so excited to share my latest and greatest sweet idea: Cupcake Milk! The list of uses for this flavorful Cupcake Milk is almost endless. Here, I am using it in a simple and delicious way by making a Cupcake Latte. This treat tastes so good […]

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DIY Custom Candy Wrapper

Hi everybody! Brooke from Sucre Shop here with a dessert packaging DIY idea that you can use year-round: a completely custom candy wrapper! I love the little luxuries you get when you go on vacation. Things like staying at hotels that put chocolates in sparkly foil wrappers on your nightstand make me so thrilled. I […]

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Winter Treats: S’mores Hot Cocoa & Ice Cream Bar

There is something so sweet about combining hot and cold items in one dessert bar. We’re talking about hot cocoa and ice cream! These are two fabulous treats, which both happen to go so well with s’mores toppings. Give me ice cream or hot cocoa topped with graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate, and I’ll give […]

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Modern Hanukkah Dessert Table

Hi everyone! It’s Brooke from Sucre Shop here to share some fantastic Hanukkah dessert table ideas to inspire your holiday planning.¬†My Hanukkah dessert table is loaded with fried items like doughnuts and olive oil cupcakes to remind us of the miracle of oil on Hanukkah.¬†Instead of setting the table with a menorah, I created the […]

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Vegan PBR Coconut Ice Cream

Hipster friends, your wish has been granted! This recipe is sure to be a hit at your hipster dinner party. We’re talking about a coconutty, malty ice cream with a dash of hot cayenne pepper to balance out the sweetness. Throw away the vegan candy bars because dessert with your crew just got a whole […]

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How to Make an Edible Cupcake Stand

Have your cupcake stand, and eat it too! I easily made these edible cupcake stands from an ice cream cone, a cookie, and some frosting (as glue). And there you have it — the newest decorative party accessory! Imagine a party with a table setting which includes not only a beautiful cupcake, but a sanding-sugar-sparkling […]

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