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Every year during the holidays, you will find front doors accessorized in traditional wreaths of pine cones, ribbons, and twine. There are so many options to choose from! But here at BFFF, we are all for being creative and expressing different styles. That is why we are so happy to have Gillian Ellis of Coastal Bride here to show us how to make a lovely...

Free Blog Sidebar Chic Graphic Buttons

Looking to make your blog just a tad bit snazzier?  Sun Flowers Studio has you covered with Free Sidebar Buttons.   The fonts and patterns are totally chic and kind of elegant.   The buttons say About Me, Follow Me, Subscribe, My Favorites, Followers, Archives, Categories, and  Labels.  All you need to do is copy and paste […]

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How to make Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider

Thanks to a previous Barista at Starbucks who is now a law student, we scored the official recipe on how to make Starbucks Caramel Apple Cider.  My husband and I both used to work as Baristas at Starbucks and this recipe is legit.  As taken directly from the A Law Student’s Journey, all you will […]

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Cute Wedding Shoes Idea

I am in-love with this wedding idea.  It’s one of those ideas you see after your own wedding and wish you did it.   The Knot recently featured a pair of white wedding shoes with sweet notes written on the bottom.  I am assuming only the bridesmaids and best girl signed the wedding shoes  because space […]

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How To Make Cinnamon Roll Pops

I love cake pops, but I also adore these Cinnamon Roll Pops.  Ice Cream Before Dinner made the easiest photo tutorial showing readers how to make cinnamon roll pops.  These are fantastic for all occasion; including but not limited to birthday parties, Christmas Breakfast, Thanksgiving Breakfast, Easter Breakfast, Wedding Dessert Bars, and everything else under […]

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How To Make Heart Shaped Cupcakes

Muses of Megret has a simple tutorial on How To Make Heart Shaped Cupcakes.  The coolest part is that you a heart-shaped cupcake tin is not required.   All you have to do is line the tin with cupcake liners and drop a marble in between the tin and the liner.   You can use ball of […]

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How to Convert Your Handwriting into a Font

Happy October!  We thought we would start the first post of the month off with a DIY trick I am especially excited about. recently released a generator which converts your handwriting into an actual font.  Yes, it’s a handwriting font convertor. Here is how to works: Print & Write Font with your own Handwriting […]

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Ice Cream Balloons

Planning a party with an ice cream theme?  Ice Cream Balloons are the perfect decoration that will top your party off.   All you need is party hats or make your own with scrap book paper.   Pretend like your blown up balloon is the head that is supposed to wear the party hat.  Attach a little […]

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Halloween Milano Ghost Cookies

Aren’t these Halloween Ghost Cookies the cutest?   Angie & Kristin at Blonde Designs dipped homemade Milano Cookies in white icing to  make these fun ghost cookies.  To top it all off, they packaged sets of 2 cookies in adorable Halloween themed packages. PS.  Fun fact about these girls, they both were former art directors at […]

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Queen Crown Cake

Don’t we all want to be queen for a day?  Disney Family has created a queen themed cake perfect for numerous party themes.    Disney family provides readers with a free cookie cutter template to shape your sugar cookies.  Decorate your sugar cookies with royal icing and an assortment of candies to reach perfection.  Once you […]

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How to make Tooth Shaped Cupcakes

Attention all Tooth Fairy candidates & Dentist, we have a cupcake only a sweet tooth would love.   We found a fabulous tutorial that shows step by step photos on how to make a molar tooth shaped cupcake.  Are you ready for this?  With Sweet Tooth‘s dental school training, she was beyond inspired to create these.  […]

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How To Make & Pipe Rainbow Frosting

Somewhere over the rainbow, there is a cupcake for everyone.   Chica and Jo have a fabulous tutorial on how to pipe rainbow frosting.  They have countless photos showing how to apply the food dye inside your piping bag, which frosting decorating tips to use, how to swirl your frosting, and much more.  Happy Cupcake decorating!

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How To Make your own Cupcake Fondue

Want to make your own cupcake fondue?  Your guest will be thrilled with a fun set up like this.  Oh Afternoon Snacks set out a decorative tray featuring an assortment of sprinkles, vanilla frosting, and vanilla cupcakes.  Guest were invited to dip, sprinkle and bite into a galore of sweetness.  This would make a great […]

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How To Make Tissue Pom Poms

DIY Pom Poms are one of my new favorite crafty trends.  Martha Stewart made a tutorial that makes this chic craft look super simple.   You will need tissue paper and 24-gauge white cloth-covered floral wire.  Ready.  Set.  Craft off. How To Make Hanging Pom Poms 1. Stack eight 20-by-30-inch sheets of tissue. Make 1 1/2-inchwide […]

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Cupcake Wrapper Display Jar

I have by far too many cupcake wrappers in my cupboard.  They are mismatched and unorganized.  I really appreciate Torrie Jayne’s fun DIY project.   She bought a Spaghetti Jar and converted it into a cupcake wrapper display & holder.  This would look elegant and chic placed on the counter of your kitchen or even inside […]

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{FREE} DIY Halloween Bunting Flag Banner Printable

It’s Freebie Friday!  Talent and generosity is a great combination.   We are so stoked talented graphic designer, Miss Crystal Lee @ New Shop Design is offering  2 Free Halloween Bunting Flag Banner Printables.  Each flag measures approximately 4″.   Get ready to craft up a fresh Halloween Bunting Flag Banner for your household… Print the pdf’s, […]

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New Years Memory Note Jar

Let’s face it; the older we get, the more forgetful we become.  I wish I could keep track of all the silly things my little one does or sweet tidbits collected throughout the day.  I love the idea of writing down memories on  small sheets of paper and sticking them in a mason jar.  The […]

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