Painting Party Cupcakes

A palette for my palate! Ok, I couldn’t resist that.  So vibrant with colors and inspiration, I’m not sure if these make me want to pick up a paintbrush or a cupcake…turns out, the paintbrush is edible too, compliments of Chef Sam!  Cake Appreciation Society made these beautiful cupcakes, but you can easily make them […]

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Salted Caramel Chocolate Fudge Cake

Recently, I have loved making cakes that are small in diameter but stacked tall with layer after layer.  This one, a Salted Caramel Chocolate Fudge Cake, is certainly one that is sky high–both in flavor and in shape. In between the layers of dark chocolate cake, a salted caramel buttercream is spread thick. The entire […]

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Thanksgiving Pumpkin Bread Printables

Pumpkin bread has got to be one of the most exciting things about autumn.  I always look forward to making it, and as soon as pumpkin hits the supermarket shelves, I’m ready.  What’s almost as wonderful as making pumpkin bread and filling your house with the spicy scent is sharing it of course!  Why not […]

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Christmas Chocolate Raspberry Forest Cake

I’ve already started dreaming of a white Christmas and it’s only the beginning of November.  Thank goodness I’ve got Chocolate and Carrots’ special  Chocolate Raspberry Forest Cake to create my own white Christmas while I wait. It’s a dark chocolate cake layered with a sweet raspberry filling, plus a creamy vanilla frosting that looks as […]

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Ten Free Printables for Thanksgiving

  Planning a feast this Thanksgiving?  Will there be children and relatives to keep busy..errr, I mean entertain so you can get your work done in the kitchen without getting too distracted?  Well, Skip to My Lou is here to help with 10 fabulously free printables.  Invitations and place cards, conversation starters and trivia, and […]

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Billy’s Bakery Interview

Who loves Billy’s Bakery, raise your hand?  Last week, I had the opportunity to interview Bel Torres-Scariff, the head baker of Billy’s Bakery.  It was so much fun learning all kinds of fun tidbits about Billy’s Bakery. For those who are not familiar with Billy’s Bakery, please read my recipe share including their famous Vanilla […]

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Easy Thanksgiving Oreo Turkey Dessert

Okay, now I seriously have turkey fever.  First, there were turkey cake pops.  Then, there were turkey tarts.  Now, there are Oreo Turkeys and Cookie Pilgrim Hats!  This great gobbler idea from Our Best Bites is truly inspiring.  The ingredients are all easy to find and fun to eat if you make a few mistakes.  […]

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Orange Cake with Fruit Tingles Frosting

There’s always that one person in every group who proudly declares that they do not like sweets. They say they don’t like chocolate, or that they would rather eat something savory. Personally, I think that is weird, but to each their own.  Here’s a recipe for all of those who are in denial about desserts–and […]

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Gluten Free Shirley Temple Cupcake

Someone has finally made my wildest dreams come true.   My favorite beverage has been turned into a delicious dessert. I love how similar these cupcakes are to a Shirley Temple drink. They have a layer of red cherry cake on the bottom with 7-up in the batter, and each cupcake is topped with a […]

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Christmas Gingerbread Dessert Table

I adore everything about Christmas.  It’s one of my favorite holidays.   Jenny Cookies has one of my all-time favorite dessert tables which put me in the Christmas spirit right away.  Her Christmas Gingerbread Dessert table visually sings Christmas carols with homemade gingerbread houses, hot chocolate on a stick, north pole cupcakes, and so many other […]

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Chocolate Oatmeal Candy Bar

I am always looking for a good bar recipe because I get tired of taking cookies to party after party. This Chocolate Oatmeal Almost Candy Bar recipe from A Tender Crumb is one for the books.  It’s clear why they are referred to as “almost candy.” They are kind of like an inside-out snickers bar, […]

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