How to Convert Your Handwriting into a Font

Happy October!  We thought we would start the first post of the month off with a DIY trick I am especially excited about. recently released a generator which converts your handwriting into an actual font.  Yes, it’s a handwriting font convertor. Here is how to works: Print & Write Font with your own Handwriting […]

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Rainbow Candy Sprinkle Cake

Oh my, look at this colorful & festive cake by Sprinkle Bakes. It is covered with rainbow candies, glitter sprinkles, colorful sprinkles,.  It is perfect! This is the perfect cake for a dedicated candy lover.  Sprinkle Bakes created this cake using  Rebecca Sutterby’s famous White Almond Sour Cream cake, also known as WASC.  Sprinkle Bakes […]

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Ice Cream Balloons

Planning a party with an ice cream theme?  Ice Cream Balloons are the perfect decoration that will top your party off.   All you need is party hats or make your own with scrap book paper.   Pretend like your blown up balloon is the head that is supposed to wear the party hat.  Attach a little […]

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Everyone’s Favorite Birthday Cake

Are you excited for tomorrow’s Martha Stewart show?   Darcy Miller will join to share  some fabulous party ideas!  Matt Lewis of Brooklyn’s Baked Bakery will be another featured guest on tomorrow’s show.   Matt is sharing his very own “Everyone’s Favorite Birthday Cake” recipe.  This is a recipe that is easy, delicious and perfect for […]

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Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Caramel Frosting

Ready for a Autumn OR Halloween Themed breakfast?   Try Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls with Caramel Frosting.  The Girl Who Ate Everything scored this recipe from one of her sweetest gal pals, Ami.   These cinnamon rolls are so heavenly sweet that they taste like candy.   If someone served these to me for breakfast, I would probably squeal […]

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Australian Fairy Bread

Australian Fairy Bread looks absolutely whimsical with  endless amounts of sprinkles.   It’s a popular hit with the kids who live in Australia and New Zealand.  Crash an Australian child’s party and you will probably find this bread instead of birthday cake. Sarah at has posted a fantastic recipe & tutorial share on how […]

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Pie Dessert Shots

We have all heard about Cake Shots, but have you heard of Pie Shots?  You guessed it, pie in a shot glass.  It consist of a special homemade crust, chocolate ganache, crushed berries and homemade whipped cream.  Raspberry vodka is one of the ingredients this recipe calls for but don’t feel obligated because it’s so […]

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Cake Batter Truffles

Dear Bakers Royale, I love & adore you for making Cake Batter Truffles.  Sprinkles and Cake batter make me oh-so-happy! Cake Batter Truffles consist of just 4 ingredients: 1 can of sweetened condensed milk 3 tablespoon butter ¾ cup cake mix, dry 2/3 cups chocolate, melted (for dipping) Cake Batter Truffles are ideal for birthday […]

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Halloween Milano Ghost Cookies

Aren’t these Halloween Ghost Cookies the cutest?   Angie & Kristin at Blonde Designs dipped homemade Milano Cookies in white icing to  make these fun ghost cookies.  To top it all off, they packaged sets of 2 cookies in adorable Halloween themed packages. PS.  Fun fact about these girls, they both were former art directors at […]

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Wedding Cake Pops

What if someone proposed to you with cake pops?   With all the recent marriage celebrations I have attended, I felt compelled to post these darling Wedding Cake Pops .  Bakerella made miniature wedding cakes into cake pops.  These are just perfect!

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Hot Air Balloon Decorated Cookies & Cupcakes

Recently, the talented girls at Hostess With The Mostess shared a darling Hot Air Balloon themed birthday party.  The party was created by talented interior designer/graphic designer Paige of Paiges of Style. I had to share a couple of my favorite featured desserts.  My first favorite dessert of the party was their Rainbow Hot Air […]

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Halloween Polka Dot Cake Ball Cake

Look who got a Baby Cake’s Cake Ball Maker and made the cutest Halloween Cake Ball Cake?!  Snowy Bliss is quite the talented soul.  She dyed her vanilla cake ball’s orange.  She made a chocolate cake and placed the orange cake balls throughout the batter.  She decorated her cake white and topped it with a […]

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Queen Crown Cake

Don’t we all want to be queen for a day?  Disney Family has created a queen themed cake perfect for numerous party themes.    Disney family provides readers with a free cookie cutter template to shape your sugar cookies.  Decorate your sugar cookies with royal icing and an assortment of candies to reach perfection.  Once you […]

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Donut Dessert Bar Themed Wedding Shower

Check out this adorable donut themed wedding shower.  This has to be one of my all-time favorite dessert bars.  It was created by the talented sisters, Elsie & Emma from A Beautiful Mess.   Their future sister in-law loves donuts so they decked out a table that literally screamed donuts.    Among donuts, they had fun decor […]

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Coffee Donut Cupcake Frosting

Inspired by Butterflyfoodie‘s photos of donuts, Always With Butter set out to find a miniature donut pan.  She got busy with her recipes and new kitchen gear.  First she made donuts which came out soft and light thanks to her new donut pan.  Luckily the pan was very easy to use.  She used ground up […]

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Tiramisu Frosting & Cupcake

Becky Bake’s Tiramisu Cupcake recipe was a huge hit at a recent pot luck she attended.  Everyone devoured her homemade cupcakes.  She adapted this recipe from a box cake mix.  This is actually the first recipe I have re-posted which was made from a box cake mix.  I figure a shortcut may be a breath […]

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How to make Tooth Shaped Cupcakes

Attention all Tooth Fairy candidates & Dentist, we have a cupcake only a sweet tooth would love.   We found a fabulous tutorial that shows step by step photos on how to make a molar tooth shaped cupcake.  Are you ready for this?  With Sweet Tooth‘s dental school training, she was beyond inspired to create these.  […]

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