Taylor Swift Raps About Baking

Have you heard Taylor Swift’s “Thug Story” yet? As a huge fan of T Swift and everything that she does, I was floored to see her take up rapping as a medium. It’s all in good fun, of course, and Taylor doesn’t seem to be pondering a career change just yet. But we weren’t drawn […]

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Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake Dessert

Toasted marshmallows are one million times better than plain marshmallows.  Trust me, we know this… just check out our custom recipe for  Toasted Campfire S’more Pops.   Joy The Baker has spoke our language by sharing  Chef Spike from Top Chef’s exclusive recipe for Toasted Marshmallow Milkshakes.  You literally have to toast the marshmallows followed by […]

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Sprinkled Mini Milk Shakes

This is a pure example of a fabulous dessert I have stumbled across and thought to myself,  “Why didn’t I come up with this?!’   To say the least, these  Mini Milkshake Shooters are pure genius.   I adore how each glass was decorated with chocolate dipped rims and decorated with a generous amount of colorful sprinkles.  […]

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Watermelon Cupcake

Discovering these Watermelon cupcakes made my night!  Pink watermelon cupcakes in green cupcake wrappers are pure bliss.  She even used Black Sugar Pearls to play the role of watermelon seeds.   Is this cute as a bug’s ear or what?!  We heard about this recipe through Pizzazzerie who grabbed it from Bakingdom.   Thanks for sharing ladies!  […]

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Ice Cream Desserts

Summer is almost over but it’s never too late for Ice Cream Socials.  Here are 5 desserts which celebrate ice cream but are not really ice cream.  Enjoy! Ice Cream Fondant Cupcakes by Hello Naomi Ice Cream Scoop Cupcakes by yours truly, Martha Stewart. Ice Cream Sundae Cupcake by The Frosted Cake Shop Saturday (July […]

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Watermelon Fudge

Watermelon Fudge is summer time’s new S’more.  You can purchase a batch of this  from Etsy shop, Jewel Of The Lion.  If you’re feeling super crafty, you can make your own with a little bit of black royal icing,  hot pink & green dye followed by several other ingredients too.  I found a Watermelon Fudge […]

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Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookie

There are a lot of best-ever chocolate chip cookie recipes out there, but this is the first one I’ve ever seen that includes corn starch. Kelsey from Apple a Day was a bit skeptical before trying this recipe with corn starch, but it turned out great! The corn starch makes these Best-Ever Chewy Chocolate Chip […]

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5 Desserts We Love

We love these darling Inside-Out Neapolitan Cupcakes by Sweetapolita. Don’t the swirls on Sprinkle Bake’s Strawberry Milk Whoopie Pies look to die for?! Cupcakes In a Jar is our latest favorite trend… especially when the flavor is orange dreamsicle.  Well done Glorious Treats! The latest & greatest cake from Sacramento’s The Frosted Cake Shop screams […]

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Maries Donuts in Sacramento

Marie’s Donuts is one of Sacramento’s best kept secrets.  It’s a petite donut shop  tucked away in a sweet little neighborhood called Land Park.   Decades ago, the business was someone’s home that became converted into a business. Marie’s Donuts squeezed it’s way into my childhood memories.   Many Saturday mornings were spent with my parents and […]

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Craftzine Feature

What a fantastic way to end the week.  Our Campfire Toasted S’more Pops are featured on Craftzine.  If you look at the second photo above, you will notice on the left hand side that our Campfire Toasted S’more Pops were featured on Craftzine’s homepage.  We love this once upon a time magazine that you could […]

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