Christmas Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies

Just when I thought Turkey Cake Pops were the cutest things I’d ever seen, Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies flew into my life.  Bakergirl improved upon a simple peanut butter cookie recipe from Jif with some expert decorating, gently adding M&M eyes and nose, and chocolate pretzel antlers immediately after the cookies came out of the […]

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How to make Pretty Party Cupcake Ribbons

  Sometimes the best ideas aren’t the hardest or the most expensive, it’s just that we didn’t think of them!  These visual delights by Such Pretty Things were transformed from plain cupcakes with white frosting, by the addition of hand-made ribbon flags and edible pastel pearls.  Jessica gives great step-by-step instructions on how to create […]

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Cherry Cheesecake Cookie

  These Cherry Cheesecake Cookies from My Kitchen Cafe are just spectacular!  I found myself smiling the instant I saw them.  They’re decked out in a bright-red saucy little top with a cookie coated skirt covering a cheesecake petticoat.  As visually delightful as they are delicious!  It doesn’t take any convincing for me to believe […]

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DIY New Years Confetti Invitations

If you are handy with a pair of scissors and love DIY projects, these Confetti Invitations from Oh Happy Day have your name on them…literally!  With some easily findable materials and a little creativity, you can make custom party poppers to announce your special event with your own special twist.  Check out Jordan’s site for […]

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How to make Reindeers from Root Beer Bottles

The holidays are almost here.  It’s time to get crafty.  I love this great idea at Betty Crocker Wannabe!  Root Beer Reindeers are simple to make, and would be great to dress up tables at a party or give as spunky gifts.  They’re inexpensive too.  All you need are pom poms, goggle eyes, pipe cleaners, […]

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Starbucks Frappacino Christmas Decoration Bottles

I’m sure Santa appreciates adorable crafts.  Here’s a great idea from and Celebrations at Home to dress up his Christmas Eve cookie bribe.  Errr…I mean snack.  While you’re at it, you can make a few Perfect Little Milk Bottles for friends and family too.  While finding vintage milk bottles might be tricky, Chris of […]

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Christmas Egg Nog Cupcake

I am so glad that I love eggnog because Dollhouse Bake Shoppe has brought us these most delicious eggnog cupcakes that I encourage you to bake up and try for yourself!  No need to create your own eggnog for these–just use a 1/2 cup of the store-bought kind and you are ready to go!  These light […]

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How To Make Christmas Tree Cupcakes

  Oh, Martha Stewart, what would we do without you?  It never would have occurred to me to pour cupcake batter into an inverted waffle cone.  These Christmas Tree Cupcakes are genius.  Sanding sugar for snow is a lovely touch.  As if that wasn’t enough to get you excited about making them, with cocoa powder […]

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Santa Hat Cupcakes

  This is one of these cupcakes that you look at and say, “How cute and how simple! How did I not think of this?” Well, I’m certainly glad that Diane at Created by Diane dreamed these up AND showed us how to do it!  Serve these at your next party and they’ll be sure […]

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Cupcake Liner Trees

I am excited about these cupcake liner trees.  Quite excited.  Not only because the holidays are approaching and these would be a wonderful table decoration at a party, but because I’m also planning a wedding and the centerpiece question is one I find particularly perplexing.  These would be great!  I love what Kristin of Domestifluff […]

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Cereal Box Party Favors

  Anyone who has a little girl having a slumber party, this post is for you!  From the artistic creativity of Oh, Sugar! Events comes this easy DIY project that will delight your pajamaed guests when they rub their bleary eyes and see breakfast waiting for them.  Easy and inexpensive, these really turn boxed cereal […]

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Best Brownie Recipe

  I just had to chuckle when I saw this recipe for “Best Brownie.”  In a culinary world where food names are now as drenched in gourmet titles as the dish is in gourmet flavors, these brownies hold their own with such simplicity.  They are the best.  And they most certainly are when you look […]

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How to Make a Sugar Cookie Christmas Tree

Hi, I’m Fee from Icing Bliss. It’s fair to say that I am slightly obsessed with all things vintage and shabby chic so this year I am decorating my house for Christmas in a non-traditional shabby chic theme. I’ve been baking up a storm over the last few weeks making lots of Christmas sweet treats, […]

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Buttered Rum Cupcakes

This Buttered Rum Cupcake Recipe from Adventures in Cooking has me convinced that it’s a pirate life for me. This cupcake recipe, consisting of a collection of rum balls baked together, also uses a butter-rum sauce, and a butter-rum frosting designed to look like the tossing seas. The cutest touch is the mini pirate ship […]

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Martha Stewart’s Eggnog

I’m not sure it can get any richer than this!  Martha Stewart brings us good old fashioned eggnog–the eggnog our parents said was for grown-ups, and now I know why!  She combines the thickness of beaten eggs and whipped cream with the warmth of a smooth bourbon, rum and cognac swirl.  To complete its velvety […]

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Chocolate Sprinkle Sandwich Cookie

At first glance, these Chocolate Sprinkle Sandwich Cookies from The Decorated Cookie look like macarons. They’re adorably stacked, petite, and round as a button. However, they are actually miniature cookie sandwiches, made with a soft chocolate cookie, rolled in sprinkles, and stuck together with a frosting filling. So cute! And if you want an even […]

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