Looking for a quick, fun recipe that you can take to your next party for a whole new level of fun?! Look no further than this super easy and simple No Bake Banana Cheesecake recipe. This recipe is perfect for a small dinner party as it makes only 4 petite cheesecakes. As simple as this recipe is to make, it’s the perfect project to make with children ages 5 and up! The simple ingredients make it so easy and practically mess-free. Serving it in a glass is such a fresh take on a classic dessert. Your guests will go bananas for this one!

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M&M Pretzel Peanut Butter Banana Pops

As children, many of us are picky eaters. I lived off of banana slices, PB&Js, and whatever finger foods I could get my sticky little hands on. Now, it’s time to revert to your inner child, unless you’re lucky enough to have some actual children to eat with. This  M&M Pretzel Peanut Butter Bananas Recipe […]

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Strawberry Smoothie Ice Cream Pie

I know it’s March, but summer is just around the corner, right? I can feel it. I’m willing it to be so. And as soon as the weather warms up, Southern Living has the best recipe to keep our mouths happy and our minds off the hot weather with their Strawberry Smoothie Ice Cream Pie Recipe. […]

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