Looking for a fun and funky way to spruce up your cookies and cupcakes? How about adding a bright, bold geometric pattern to the mix! We’re loving this simple detail. These Geometric Toppers are easy to make, but they will add so much flair to dull cookies and cupcakes. We’re thrilled Carly and Amanda of […]

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Summer always reminds us of relaxing afternoons and evenings filled with friend and family hangouts, sweet drinks, and of course, the perfect juicy bite of watermelon. So we are obsessed with this watermelon themed party idea by Carly and Amanda of the Creative Journal! From cute cocktails to a picture-perfect jelly cake, there’s pink and […]

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Vanilla is one of the most popular flavors in the world, and for good reason! Its sweet, classic taste is perfect for fluffy white birthday cakes, especially when it’s paired with buttercream. This vanilla bean cake recipe by our exclusive contributor, Melina of Sugary and Buttery, can be topped with an adorable fondant bear that […]

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How to Make Glitter Polka Dot Fondant Shamrocks

If you’re not quite in gear for your St. Patrick’s Day celebration quite yet, don’t worry. Here at BFFF, we’ve got you covered. Today, we’re showing you an easy, fun, and unique way to decorate cupcakes for this special green themed day. We’re excited to show you how to make these polka dot patterned fondant […]

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How to Make “Full of Love” Fondant Flowers

If any of you are like me, then you too are intimidated by the thought of making a fondant flower. While thinking of something fun to do for a Valentine’s tutorial for our readers, all I could think of were hearts and flowers. But how could I take either one to a new creative level […]

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How To Make Shimmer Fondant Pearls

Hi everyone! Brittany from Edible Details here to share a fun tutorial on how to make shimmer fondant pearls! Sometimes the most striking detail to a dessert can be something as simple as a shimmery sprinkle! My tutorial will show you a fast and easy method for making your own shimmer fondant pearls at home. These edible […]

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The Breakfast Club Cakes

One of my roommates is obsessed with all things 80s, so when she sees these Breakfast Club Cakes recently created by Charm City Cakes, she, along with many others, will instantly fall in love! These incredible cakes were created for a John Hughes 80s themed birthday party. As can be seen, each are meant to […]

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Professional Cake Decorating Advice from Sharon Wee Creations

Wee Love Baking is one of my favorite cake blogs. It also happens to be authored by my friend Sharon of Sharon Wee Creations. Lately, she has been running a series of ‘Ask Me Anything’ posts in which she answers her readers’ questions and shares her own experiences and techniques. She shares recipes and methods […]

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Cookies & Milk Desserts

I have seen cookie dough and milk inspired desserts everywhere.  What a great duo the two make together.  In honor of my favorite dessert combination, I collected my favorite Cookie Dough and Milk inspired desserts.   Crunch up, drink up, but don’t forget to clean up the crumbs.   Enjoy! Boxed Milk & Chocolate Cookies @ […]

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Adorable Back To School Dessert Party Table

Do you want to do back to school right?  How about having a back to school party for the kids and their favorite friends.  Just Call Me Martha shows readers that only the sky is the limit when it comes to celebrating back to school.   I love all the exquisite details from this party including […]

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