Desserts are the sweetest part of your meal, but taste alone isn’t what makes dessert appetizing. One of the best parts of any dessert spread is the visual appeal. Confections that are pleasing to the eye really get your mouth watering and your stomach grumbling, and there’s nothing better than sprinkles to create that perfect […]

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Simple Ways to Decorate with Sprinkles

Adding sprinkles to any dessert adds a simple pop of color. There are so many varieties that now there’s a bottle of sprinkles to match just about any treat you’re making. Today, we’re showing you some of the best ways to use simple sprinkles to dress up your favorite treats. Once you see these treats, […]

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Mini Funfetti Birthday Cakes

Layer cakes are absolutely one of the most popular desserts around, and today, we’re excited to be sharing a miniature version. This recipe makes a small batch (just two small cakes) that will satisfy your cake craving. These little cakes are perfect for any small party at home, or even just a Tuesday night when […]

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Funfetti Cake Balls

Do you ever find yourself craving a really great vanilla cupcake with sprinkles? What about when you want something a little bit more unique? Well, you’re in luck! The Kitchen is My Playground has a great recipe for Funfetti Cake Balls that will give you exactly what you have been craving with a fun little […]

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