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It’s always fun to add a few sprinkles to a freshly frosted cupcake, but it’s even more fun when you get to completely shower your cupcake with them! That’s exactly what we did with these Sprinkle Cupcake Cakes. The combination of their miniature size and festive sprinkles make these tiny treats irresistibly adorable! If you […]

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Have you ever seen a cake pan at the store that’s so adorable on the shelf, but when you got it home, you had no idea what to do with it? Sometimes, you absolutely love the shaped cakes that the cake pan produces, but decorating them is kind of tricky since they have so many […]

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Mini Funfetti Birthday Cakes

Layer cakes are absolutely one of the most popular desserts around, and today, we’re excited to be sharing a miniature version. This recipe makes a small batch (just two small cakes) that will satisfy your cake craving. These little cakes are perfect for any small party at home, or even just a Tuesday night when […]

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Individual Vanilla Cherry Cakelets

Hello Best Friends For Frosting fans. It’s Mercedes again from Satisfy My Sweet Tooth! I love that I am able to share desserts with you during my favorite season of the year to bake. This time of year, I am especially drawn to recipes that are colorful and festive, and these Individual Vanilla Cherry Cakelets […]

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Mini Almond Coconut Cakes Recipe

Hello fellow sweet teeth! I’m Mercedes from Satisfy My Sweet Tooth, and I am so thrilled to be joining the team at Best Friends For Frosting to spread even more dessert cheer! Today I’ll be sharing a fantastic and incredibly easy recipe for Mini Almond Coconut Cakes.┬áThese Mini Almond Coconut Cakes are the perfect individually-sized […]

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