A nice glass of refreshing ice tea is definitely welcome now that summer is here.  There is such a wide variety of teas to try, and we here at BFFF have created a list of just a few of the wonderful recipes out there. Whether you like green tea or black, spiked or simple, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect tea for you.


This On the Rocks: Iced Green-Tini takes great tasting green tea and adds a punch. The adults at your get-togethers will love this green tea infused cocktail. (via Santa Barbara Chic)

ginger-orange-iced tea

This Ginger Sun Iced Tea fuses the sharp taste of ginger with citrus flavors from the orange. This is the perfect tea to sit back with outside and read your favorite book. (via Rikki Snyder)


Mint, basil, and lemon give this Herb Citrus Iced Tea its name. This recipe uses Crystal Light’s Peach Ice Tea to add even more flavor. (via Lisa’s Dinnertime Dish)


Coconut milk adds a tropical twist to this Iced Coconut Chai. The spices of chai come together with the coconut to create a delicious drink. (via Sweet Roots)


This Iced Green Tea has a fresh taste that will keep you cool in the heat. Packed with lemongrass, mint leaves and lemon, this  tea is no stranger to flavor. (via The First Mess)


This easy recipe shows you how to quickly brew Iced Tea for Two. It only takes a few steps to make quick, cold and refreshing iced tea. (via Dessert For Two)


This Izmir Iced Tea uses chai tea, peppermint leaves and pomegranates to give it an exotic flavor. This beautiful looking cocktail will be the main attraction at your next summer event. (via Tanya Zouev Photography)


The bright color of this Summer Iced Tea resembles the sun. Club soda gives this tea a unique and fizzy taste. (via Cooking Architecture)


Fresh raspberries go into a sweet syrup to give this drink its bright red color. Raspberry Lemon Iced Tea has the perfect amount of sweet and sour flavors for a really tasty drink. (via Playful Cooking)


Fresh squeezed orange juice and lemons come together in this Texas Tea.  Enjoy this citrus tea that is perfect for your next outdoor party.(via The Meaning of Pie)

What’s your favorite type of iced tea?

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