Nevermind the crunchy leaves and the Halloween costumes. Here at BFFF, something else makes the arrival of fall near and dear to our hearts: warm and gooey food. Macaroni and cheese is the ultimate comfort food to make after a long, chilly day outside. But it’s easy to get bored when you make the same thing over and over. Get creative, think beyond the cheese, and read on for some recipes that put serious twists on the American classic.

Apples give Autumn Mac & Cheese with Apple and Chorizo a pop of juicy sweet flavor. Impress your guest with this fall inspired dish. (via Gastronomical Sovereignty) baked-ham-pumpkin-mac-and-cheese

Sweet pumpkin and savory ham come together in this Baked Ham and Pumpkin Mac and Cheese. This is the perfect recipe to use up that leftover ham from Thanksgiving. (via Sweet Anna’s) bolognese-mac-and-cheese

Crunchy bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese add to this Bolognese Mac and Cheese. Homemade Bolognese sauce gives this mac and cheese some tasty color. (via Drizzle and Dip) https://bestfriendsforfrosting.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/butternut-squash-mac-and-cheese

If you’re looking for a creamier dish, try this Butternut Squash and Rosemary Mac and Cheese. This recipe uses whole wheat breadcrumbs for a little crunch. (via Two Peas and Their Pod)  fontina-mushroom-prosciutto-mac-and-cheese

The breadcrumb topping for this Fontina, Mushroom and Prosciutto Mac and Cheese is a mixture of rosemary, basil, and Parmesan cheese. This recipe pays close attention to detail, making a mix of flavors than no one can resist. (via Pink Parsley Blog) honey-fig-short-rib-mac-and-cheese

This Braised Short Rib and Honeyed Fig Mac and Cheese combines unique ingredients into one dish that packs a flavorful punch. (via Girl Carnivore)














Kale adds a little green color to this Macaroni and Blue Cheese. Vegetables in macaroni: what could be better? (via Cook With B)


Crispy bacon bits top this Pumpkin Mac and Cheese. Shell pasta makes this a playful dish. (via Tasty Bite Blog) sage-thyme-pumpkin-mac-and-cheese Three delicious cheeses come together in this Sage, Thyme and Pumpkin Mac and Cheese. This dish is the perfect side for any Thanksgiving meal. (via The Candid Appetite) smoky-butternut-squash-mac-and-cheese Paprika and kale give this Smoky Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese some color. Almond milk substitutes milk in this recipe. (via Allyson Kramer) https://bestfriendsforfrosting.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/baked-pumpkin-mac-and-cheese Baked pumpkin drizzled with olive oil makes the base of this Autumn Pumpkin Mac and Cheese. Four cheeses come together to make this dish irresistible. (via Juls’ Kitchen) sweet-potato-bacon-mac-and-cheese The sweet potato gives this macaroni and cheese its creamy texture. If you’re looking for a fun new recipe, try this Sweet Potato & Bacon Mac and Cheese. (via The Stay At Home Chef) truffled-mac-and-cheese Truffled oil adds a unique taste to this Truffled Macaroni with Roasted Cauliflower & Mushroom. (via Gouda Monster)

How else can you spice up everyone’s favorite cheesy comfort food?

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