This is how we at BFFF plan a party – in DIY style! Think decorations, entertainment, centerpieces, and swag, all created yourself! It’s cheap, fun, and rewarding, and trust us, your guests will be impressed. Keep this list handy when you’re ready to plan your next party. You’ll absolutely love these fun DIY decorations!


Gold Splattered Balloons are a nice touch for a birthday party, bridal shower, or baby shower! (via Studio DIY)


Create Fringed Balloons by adding scrap fabrics to the traditional ribbon. (via Glitter Guide)


String these Fringed Lanterns at your next indoor or outdoor party. Add lights to create a spotlight for the dessert table, or go bulb-less for pure decoration. (via Heart of Light)


Instead of decorating the room with streamers, go for a more dramatic look with Gold Dipped Feathers. Grab a bag of feathers, a roll of fishing line, and a bottle of paint, and get decorating! (via Ruffled)

Incorporate nature into your party by spray painting and hanging Gold Branches. If you use washable paint, the gold will be gone by the next rainfall. (via CasaSugar)


These pinatas are a grown-up version of our favorite childhood party game. Fill them with candy, or in the case of these Gem Piñatas, jewelry! (via Lovely Indeed)


In case we hadn’t mentioned it, you can impress others with your DIY prowess. An Ice Cream Cone Piñata is a pretty cool way to say “Happy Birthday!” or “Wishing you a fun Summer!” (via Oh Happy Day)


Go for a sophisticated yet quirky look and use Gold Pineapples and coconuts at a tropical-themed party. (via Lovely Little Details)


Forget Easter, you can decorate with Dipped Eggs any time of year! Use this centerpiece to jazz up a low-key event, such as weekend brunch at home. (via Fabulous K Style)


These Clay Pots function as more than just plant holders. They can hold confetti, potpourri, nuts and raisins, or even a cupcake! (via Say Yes to Hoboken)


Waterstone Succulents are a truly beautiful centerpiece. They are also the perfect plant because little maintenance is necessary! (via Waterstone Succulents)

Hang a clothes line on your wall and use these adorable Glitter Clothespins to string photographs and cutouts. (via Brunch at Saks)


Use empty mason jars or soda jugs to create these Gilded Bottles. Fill with your own concoctions (cucumber limeade, anyone?) and start pouring in style! (via A Subtle Revelry)


Create Fabric Peonies for the topper on a gift wrapped package, or attach them to a barrette and wear them in your hair. (via Creature Comforts)

What’s your favorite DIY party decoration?


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