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Get your drinks ready for sweater weather. With the irresistible additions of pumpkin spice, apple cider, and other sweet flavors, cocktails are the perfect treat for this time of year. Plus, their colors blend in with the foliage of fall! Take your pick between cold or hot, settle down in your favorite chair, and revel in your tasty new creation.  Whether you’re looking for the perfect Thanksgiving cocktail or just a drink to wind down with by the fire after a long day, you’ll love this list of 16 fall drinks.


Three quick steps and you’ll have a nice Apple Amaretto Sour. This is a great drink to make for your friends. (via Slim Pickin’s Kitchen)


Apple slices and an applewood-smoked cheddar garnish top off  The Apple Stack. The garnish adds some sophistication to this sweet and smoky drink. (via Stir and Strain)


Scotch and sweet vermouth mix together in the Bobby Burns Cocktail, the perfect signature drink for your next get together. (via Umamimart)


Hot chocolate is always a comforting drink when the weather gets cold. This Boozy Pumpkin White Hot Chocolate has all the luxury of hot chocolate and a sweet, distinct taste. (via Minimalist Baker)


Garnished with a sage leaf, this Bourbon Cider Cocktail combines citrus flavors with bourbon and apple cider. (via Make it Naked)


Nothing says fall like maple syrup. This Calvados and Maple Syrup Cocktail brings all the flavors of fall into one drink. (via The Framed Table)


Champagne and apples are a great combination. In this Crisp Apple Bourbon Splash, the two come together in a sweet, chilled drink. (via Valley and Co Lifestyles)


Hot Earl Grey tea is a huge comfort on cold nights. Mix it with your favorite bourbon to create a Earl Grey Hot Toddy. (via Carolina Girl Cooks)


The naturally sugary taste of figs makes this Fig and Bourbon Fizz irresistible. Plus, it looks so fancy! (via Sweetsonian)


The “In the Russet Gold of this Vain Hour” Cocktail is a rich, interesting combination of flavors topped with an orange peel. (via Wonderland Kitchen)


Make your own syrup to go with this Pear Vanilla Bourbon Warmer. Flavors of fresh pears, vanilla, and cinnamon come together to create a truly irresistible drink. (via The Roaming Kitchen)


Enjoy your leftover Thanksgiving pumpkin pie in a Pumpkin Pie Martini. Sit back and relax with this martini after a long day.  (via Pass the Sushi)


This cool Rosemary Gin Spritzer is a crowd pleaser. Make it for your next holiday party. (via Garnish with Lemon).


Crock Pot Hot Spiced Apple Cider is easy to make and great to drink by the fire on snowy nights. (via Kitchen Treaty)


A sprig of thyme is the perfect garnish for The Cylburn cocktail. This cocktail was inspired by the Cylburn Arboretum in Baltimore. (via Wonderland Kitchen)


 The Fall Harvester is a mix of puréed pear, green apple liqueur, cinnamon, and brown sugar. This drink is definition of fall: sweet, simple, and full of color! (via Marcello for the Boys Club).

What are your go-to cocktails for the fall season?


  1. Just wanted to thank you so much for including my Earl Grey Hot Toddy in this post! Fabulous site, by the way!:)) Cheers! Jennifer

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