Eating well doesn’t mean sacrificing color, variety, or most importantly, taste! Often times we settle for boring salads because they are easy, but our secret is: you can make a plethora of recipes that are simple and delicious and healthy too. We’ve gathered 20 healthy dinner recipes that are guaranteed to blow your mind! Featuring a rainbow of colors from purple beets to orange sweet potatoes and every color in between, your body will be fueled with fresh ingredients. We’re excited to show you what we’ve rounded up!

These chipotle quinoa sweet potato tacos are packed with complimentary flavors and colors. It’s easy to forget they are vegetarian and good for you! (via Half Baked Harvest).


This bright beet salad recipe features a ginger dressing for an earthy and spicy contrast! (via Martha Stewart)


Creamy avocado pasta is a great alternative to heavy alfredo sauce and it’s just as satisfying. (via Dreamy)


Packed with antioxidants, this everyday superfood salad boasts blueberries and kale among its many healthy ingredients. (via The First Mess)


Sometimes the best way to enjoy a burrito is to lose the tortilla, like this black bean burrito bowl recipe! (via Cookie and Kate)


A unique savory take on watermelon, this spicy watermelon recipe turns fruit into a satisfying meal. (via Box of Spice)


If you love spring rolls but don’t love the calories, this spring roll salad is a perfect, healthy twist. (via Better Recipes)


This chopped power salad is topped with baked tofu for a punch of vegetarian protein. (via Oh My Veggies)


Perfect for spring, this arugula salad is topped with fig and wheat berries for a light and fruity finish. (via Love and Lemons)


Pitting an avocado creates nature’s best bowl! This recipe stuffs an avocado to the brim with tasty ingredients. (via Muscle and Fitness Hers)


For your vegan friends, try making these cucumber rounds topped with cashew cheese and flavorful dill. (via Choosing Raw)


Pairing lentils with veggies is a great way to add protein to a healthy dish. Topped with hummus, avocado and walnuts, this meal is delicious and nutritionally sound. (via Bev Cooks)


Grilling vegetables is a great way to turn fresh product into a complexly flavored meal. This grilled zucchini with chili and mint is a great example! (via Flickr)


Taco salad is a great healthy alternative when you’re craving something south of the border! (via Sulia)


Brussels sprouts can be intimidating, but shredded in a salad, they are an approachable and fun way to mix up your greens! (via The First Mess)

Photo by Karen Tedesco

These roasted carrots are marinated in cumin and lime for a hearty and rich, full flavor. (via Familystyle Food)


This Thai salad has a fantastic blend of textures, featuring the crunch of cashews and the chewiness of quinoa. (via Tasty Kitchen)


Hummus, quinoa, sweet potato, avocado and more! This big vegan bowl combines multiple flavors, colors and textures, and they’re all so good for you. (via Oh She Glows)


Roasted butternut squash provides a great, earthy contrast to a creamy and fresh salad. (via Dishing Up Dirt)



Talk about a super healthy dinner: Brussels sprouts, kale, and almonds can be served as a side or the main event! (via Epicurious)

Which guilt-free meal are you going to try first?

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