Wedding Cake Trends

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Hi everyone! It’s Tessa Lindow-Huff from Tessa Lindow Huff Cake Designs here today to share some of my favorite wedding cake trends. Everyone knows that the cake is a huge component of a wedding. As a dessert trends contributor, I find it necessary to explore some of the latest trends for weddings. An elaborate, tiered cake always makes a statement.  Here are some of my favorite trends that are picking up steam in the wedding world:


Cake: Maggie Austin

1. Ruffles

Cake designs have taken a liking to delicate, feminine ruffles.  While some are tiny and intricate and others more structured, ruffles make any cake just plain pretty.  As more and more brides use vintage themes for their weddings, these beautiful cakes have a similar feel to them.


Cake: Martha Stewart

2. Buttercream

Buttercream cakes are making a comeback in a major way.  Although there are dozens of techniques that can be achieved with fondant, many prefer the taste of buttercream.  Cake designers have been using different textures and piping techniques to create cakes beautiful enough for any wedding.


Cake: Highland Bakery via 100 Layer Cake

3. Watercolor

Hand-painted cakes add a completely original element to any wedding.  There is nothing as clear as a hand-painted cake to show that desserts really can be art.  Watercolor, in particular, is trending within the wedding world and can be achieved by painting on a fondant covered cake.


Cake: Luisa Galuppo

4. Couture

“The Dress” might just be the one thing that everyone remembers the most from a wedding- with the cake as a close second.  I say, why not combine the two?!  Many wedding cake designs are influenced by fashion and incorporate lace, pleats, pearls, and bows to match the bride’s dress.


Cake: Faye Cahill via

5. Mint

This beautiful shade of green is projected to continue its way through 2013.

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    1. Diane McNally

      Are the ruffles buttercream on the 4 tiered cake with the red rose between the top 2 tiers and the think black ribbon around each tier?

      Thank you,


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