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Our top five edible and  materialistic loves of our lives for the month of February are the following:

#1 Tissue Paper Pom Poms created by Etsy artist,   PomLove.  These adorable pom poms are fabulous to bring to any spring festivity or an elegant shop window.  If you are the creative type / D.I.Y.’ster, check out  Find out Martha Stewart tutorial “How To Make Paper Pom Pom’s.”

#2. Trader Joe’s Inside Out Carrot Cake Cookies.  “Inside Out Cake Cookies” is only a fancier way of saying “Whoopie Pies.”   If you are a fellow carrot cake or spice cake lover, we highly recommend this dessert to you.  They have no preservatives and taste as if they have come straight out of your grandmother’s kitchen.  We would love to get our hands on this recipe…

#3.  This vintage-inspired candy bar by Amy Atlas Events.   I love all of the colors within the candy compliments the triangle pennant celebration banner.

#4.  Wedding signs for honoured guest to surprise the proud bride and groom with!  You can find these at the Etsy Shop, pertyfultings.

#5.  Style Me Pretty’s DIY tutorial, “How to make Pin Wheels”

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