Wedding Cake Alternatives

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For me, choosing to go cake-less at my wedding was easy. As a full-time baker and decorator, as well as a contributor here at BFFF, I knew having a cake would just be another thing to stress about and another thing to attempt to control. I knew that while I could let go of the decorations, the drinks, and possibly even the dinner, letting go of the way my cake looks would be like letting go of an entire career I’ve based on perfectionism — and that was not going to happen. So I spent a lot of time researching fun wedding cake alternatives and would like to share my favorites with you!


This one is an oldie but goodie. Wedding candy bars have been a hit at weddings since the early 2000s and there’s no going back. The ability to customize every little thing about your wedding candy bar is so much fun and perfect for a well-themed wedding. You can color coordinate your sweet treats like in the photo above or ask your guests (on their RSVP or your wedding website) to send in suggestions of their favorite candies. Candy bars are perfect if you want something for your guests to take home, and you can accessorize your candy bar with sweet vintage glassware and cute to-go boxes.


A fun, casual wedding is the perfect places for a delicious doughnut bar. You can opt for simple doughnuts or fancier ones, make them yourself or order out, pre-pack them in cute boxes or let guests pick for themselves. There are so many options! My favorite are simple bars like the one above with fresh glazed doughnuts and maybe some chocolate milk (or fancy doughnut appropriate cocktails).


Cookies and milk aren’t just for snack time anymore. By utilizing high-quality chocolate chip cookies and delicious frosty milk (or chocolate milk, or soy milk, or whatever you prefer), you can create a wedding dessert that none of your guests will forget. Guests will enjoy dipping and dunking their cookies, teasing each other about their milk mustaches, and overall love the bit of nostalgia. Perfect for a playful couple’s wedding day, cookies and milk are a very up-and-coming wedding dessert trend.


Espresso bars at weddings are a fairly new trend, but, I predict, a long-lasting one (especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest). Espresso bars are perfect for brides and grooms who loves coffee, and you can accessorize your espresso bar with cute coffee cups, a signature espresso drink, and some delicious biscotti, coffee cake, or other coffee treats. For summer weddings, try serving your drinks over ice, but for fall and winter, keep your guests warm with a hot macchiato or latte.


Wedding ice cream sundaes were a very, very close second when it came to choosing my own wedding dessert. I love ice cream, but cones were too messy (and you just can’t risk spilling chocolate ice cream on the most important dress of your life). Ice cream sundaes, served in cute jars or glasses, add a fun DIY element to your wedding. Guests can create their own perfect sundae and will delight in the fact that you chose a cold dessert for a hot summer day.

After much, much (did I say much?) deliberation, my fiance and I settled on having a s’mores bar at our wedding. The first thing we ever baked together were Bakerella’s S’more Cupcakes, so it seemed only fitting that we have something reminiscent of those. We chose to display ours on fun vintage cake stands and in vintage glassware we picked up at thrift stores. We’re offering a variety of s’mores toppings with everything from Nutella to mint chocolate dipped grahams to chile chocolate to bacon maple marshmallows. My fiance (thank gosh that I’m marrying a graphic designer) also created an adorable sign listing some of our favorite variations on s’mores with silly names like “The Latin Lover” and “Chocapalooza.” S’mores bars are really hot this summer as far as wedding dessert trends go, and it meshes perfectly with our fun, preppy, summer camp themed wedding.

All Photos by: Style Me Pretty

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