5 Things We Love: Dessert Toppers, Honeycomb candles, Dessert Pedestal, Pineapple Slicer, Banana Slicer

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With weddings and mother’s day coming up, my mom and I decided to select our favorite gift & party decor.

Etsy Shop, BraggingBags has the most darling bird dessert toppers.  These toppers are ideal for pies, as each one is engraved with “Pumpkin” “Cherry” “Apple” & “Pecan”.

BraggingBags has done it again with these sweet Beeswax Honeycomb Rolled Candles.  I (Melissa) have dropped several hints to my husband that THIS is what I want for Mother’s Day.

This soft cherry Cake Stand / Dessert Pedestal made by E.Isabella Designs screams antique chic.

For my mom’s (Nancy) birthday, I purchased her this banana slicer from Williams Sonoma.  This slicer is amazing for the sheer fact that it is simple to use and cuts an entire banana in uniformed pieces with the simple touch of two light squeezes.

This Pineapple Slicer brought to you by Williams Sonoma now puts the fun into coring a pineapple.  It allows you to transform a prickly pineapple into a stack of juicy rings within seconds.  Simply insert the shaft into the top of a trimmed pineapple, apply light pressure and twist the handle.  Nancy owns one herself and it is one of her hit kitchen items.

XOXO Melissa & Nancy

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    1. Stephanie

      Wonderful update – I love how these come together so seamlessly and elegantly, and they’re always so fun to read.

      Thank you for such great mother’s day present suggestions! I think I’m getting my mama the banana slicer for sure!

    2. Milan

      Those are great! Love love easy. Check out Inky Pom Vintage on Etsy for cute vintage clothes and items!xo

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