Maries Donuts in Sacramento

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Marie’s Donuts is one of Sacramento’s best kept secrets.  It’s a petite donut shop  tucked away in a sweet little neighborhood called Land Park.   Decades ago, the business was someone’s home that became converted into a business.

Marie’s Donuts squeezed it’s way into my childhood memories.   Many Saturday mornings were spent with my parents and brother; walking to Marie’s to get  a box of donuts and chocolate milk, ofcourse.  I can recall myself sneaking into the box of donuts, taking a bite of every single donut and then blaming it on my brother.  Those who personally know me probably aren’t surprised since this is coming from the girl who traditionally swipes a corner ruffle of frosting from my own birthday cake every year.   As a teenager, I snuck out at midnight with friends for hot fresh donuts.   During my pregnancy, Andy (my husband) and I would grab a variety of donuts and eat them at the park.  My son is eight days shy from turning one and I have yet to let him in on Sacramento’s best kept secret, Marie’s Donuts.   Hopefully we will let him in the club around Christmas time.

A couple fun tidbits:

We used donuts from Marie’s for our recent Easy Decorated Donut project HERE.

Did you know that National Donut Day began as a fundraiser for the Salvation Army in 1938? It’s held annually on the first Friday of June, in honor of the female volunteers of World War I who served donuts to soldiers behind the front lines.  Be there or be square!

XOXO, Melissa


My mom and I indulged our donuts and coffee in style~ The View Mugs.  That surely is my coconut donut on the left.  Much love!

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