Australian Fairy Bread

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Australian Fairy Bread looks absolutely whimsical with  endless amounts of sprinkles.   It’s a popular hit with the kids who live in Australia and New Zealand.  Crash an Australian child’s party and you will probably find this bread instead of birthday cake.

Sarah at has posted a fantastic recipe & tutorial share on how to make Australian Fairy Bread.   Can you guess which ingredients are included in this popular Australian treat?  Sliced white bread, butter, and rainbow sprinkles.   I am eager to try this.

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    1. Tash

      I am Australian and i LOVE LOVE LOVE fairy bread, there isn’t anything as tasty as good yummy fairy bread at a party, I’m 24 and i STILL have it at my party’s (or when bored) just make sure you use fresh fresh bread…..i even recommend putting the bread in the fridge to cool before making this…. oh and to correct you we have BOTH cake and fairy bread… won’t go to a party and not see a cake here, fairy bread is more a novelty extra food and kind of doubles up as a filling without kids eating to much lollies and cake.
      I do recommend making a lot because its so good that its hard to just have one piece……now i want fairy bread hahaha.


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