Gingerbread House

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Just look at this Homemade Gingerbread House!  It’s fit for a fairy princess for sure!  When I went online, poking around for gingerbread house recipes, I kept being shuffled to this site, Frog Prince Paperie, where the perfecter of this recipe has over 3,000 houses under her belt.  If anyone can build a house, she can!  While her decorating skills put mine to shame, the simplicity of the structure is fabulous for any builder from the smallest to the tallest.  I think that is what’s so great about gingerbread houses: as long as the walls are sturdy, it’s impossible to mess one up.  The more frosting and candy, the better! And, hey, if the walls do fall in, just add a little more frosting to the edges and say it was hit by a snow storm :)  I’m pretty sure that your house will be strong though with this fine recipe, filled with great tips for success.  Happy baking!!!

PS.  Fun tip, This Gingerbread House Recipe was originally published in Mailbox News (a cake decorating magazine), and is the actual White House gingerbread house recipe used by then White House Pastry Chef Hans Raffert.

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    1. Sandra Baumgarten

      I just have to follow up and say that I made this recipe today and it ROCKS!!! The gingerbread is totally delicious, and if you don’t eat all of it, it’s super sturdy for walls, roofs, etc. The icing is the best “cement” ever. I can’t say enough good things about our experience making this!!! Fairly easy, too =)

    2. Nikki @ Tikkido

      I’m glad you guys had such success with my recipe and tutorial! I think it’s easy, but then again, I’ve made thousands of gingerbread houses from the time I was a wee thing, and I might not have the best perspective on the matter. ;-) It always tickles me to no end when I read something like this. Hooray for sharing the gingerbread joy!


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