{Giveaway} Billy’s Bakery Custom Gift Package

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Don’t we all wish we could take Billy’s Bakery home to our kitchen table?  Here is your chance to win some accessories and fresh delights from Katie Holmes favorite bakery!  We are thrilled that Billy’s Bakery has put together a custom gift pack just for BFFF readers. Eeep!

This custom Billy’s Bakery gift package includes:

  • Billy’s Bakery tin
  • Billy’s Bakery mug: Ceramic diner-style mug complete with the Billy’s logo. Great for coffee, hot chocolate and more, mugs are perfect for Billy’s fans of all ages!
  • I Love Billy’s Bakery T-Shirt: Made in the USA by American Apparel and printed locally by Works in Progress.
  • Chocolate Fudge Brownie: Rich and fudgy deep chocolate brownies.
  • Cookie Stack: Six made from scratch cookies carefully packed and tied with a bow.
  • Hello Dolly Bar: Made with graham crackers, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, coconut, and chopped pecans.

Guess what?  Billy’s Bakery is offering a special extended offer exclusively to BFFF readers to receive 10% off any of their items Available for Shipping, Merchandise and Holiday Gifts.  Guests can use the Coupon Code BFFF10 at checkout.   Perfect- just in time for Christmas!

It’s super easy to enter!  Just follow any OR all of these simple steps below!


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    1. Rhiannon

      Billy’s Bakery on 21st and 9th is the only reason that I got through my junior and senior year in college. I live for the peanut butter pie, and I’ve been trying to perfect the billy’s frosting swirl at home forever now!!

    2. Christine Aiello

      My favorite actress is Katie Holmes (ever since she was on Dawsons Creek!) and my favorite actor is Skeet Ulrich (ever since he was in Scream!).

    3. nemozica

      Mmmmm… I guess my favourite celebrity was Paul Newman… But, since he’s dead, I’ll go for Johnny Depp!! ^_^
      (OMG, I’d love to enjoy this Gift Package with my family in Minneapolis!!) :)

    4. jenny holiday

      Love you guys to bits! LONG time fan!! :)

      hmm…fave celeb…

      Betsey Johnson (she is totally a celeb in my book)

      Happy Holidays!!

      pick me! pick me!! :)

      xo Jenny Holiday


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