Sugar Cookies

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From the kitchen of Our Best Bites, comes a confession:  “My name is Sara, and I am a sugar cookie snob. I’m not afraid to admit it anymore!”  With that bold of an introductory statement, I’m figuring that this is a girl who knows her cookies!  Until about 2 years ago, I didn’t eat sugar cookies because I never found one that was worth the calories.  And, now, I stand corrected, and realize that it’s not the fault of the sugar cookie, but “because some people just don’t have the right recipe,” as Sara points out.  With the art perfected, Sara brings you her favorite sugar cookie recipe that is sure to convert the non-sugar cookie believer, and take sugar cookie lovers to 7th Heaven!  For amazing decorating ideas, make sure you check out her site!

Photograph by Our Best Bites

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