Rob Powells of Rocket Fizz Soda and Candy Shops

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If you have ever been to a Rocket Fizz Soda and Candy Shop, you know that walking into the soda and candy store is like stepping into an alternate universe where Oldies songs, retro imagery, and of course, soda and candy reign supreme.  Rob Powells and Ryan Morgan founded their flagship store in Camarillo several years ago, and since then, Rocket Fizz shops have been popping up all over the U.S., much to the delight of candy and soda lovers everywhere.  Rob Powell took a few moments to tell Best Friends For Frosting about Rocket Fizz and his dilemma involving baseball cards and chewing gum.


The name Rocket Fizz conjures up a great array of imagery from spaceships to comic books.  How did you come up with the name, and what led to you to launch the Rocket Fizz brand and your first shop in Camarillo, CA?  

We came up with the name Rocket Fizz because we like spaceships, aliens, and soda pop.


Your shops definitely have a very retro vibe, and they are the place to go if you want to find candy from different eras.  What era do you think produced the best candies?

I’m a fan of all eras of candy… I’m also a huge chocolate fan, so all eras of chocolate are fine with me.

We all have that one piece of candy from our childhood that we remember but seems to elude us.  For me, it was Bonkers, and I searched long and hard to find them.  Has there ever been a piece of candy that you had to scour the candy world to find?

I remember Marathon Bars when I was a kid. We found out that they are have been renamed Cadbury Curly Wurlys.


You have some very unusual items in your stores including bacon soda and lollipops with insects in them.  What item would you say sounds incredibly bizarre, but is surprisingly enjoyable?

We have a lot of bizarre candies and sodas.  I personally like our sweet corn soda. It’s surprisingly good.


Has there ever been an item that you came across that was just too out there for your shops?

We like to push the “out there” limits, but we do not want to be too far out there to the point where it deviates from our brand.

Candy has a way of taking us back to our childhoods.  What are some of your best childhood memories that revolve around candy?

When I was a kid, we had an ice cream man drive around our neighborhood every afternoon.  I collected baseball cards, and the challenge was that I liked the stick gum, but I never wanted to open up the packs because I knew if I saved the unopened packs they would be valuable in the years ahead. It was always a dilemma for me.


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