Tradition at Tripoli Bakery in Boston

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If you are from the greater Boston area, there is a good chance that you know Tripoli Bakery. And if you know Tripoli’s, there is a good chance you have created a tradition around their baked goods. Whether it’s bringing the same batch of cookies to your holiday dinner, grabbing a loaf of bread for Pasta Sunday, or making sure to light the candles on the same chocolate-chocolate birthday cake year after year, Tripoli’s bakery has been a part of Boston family traditions for nearly 100 years.

For me, it means all of the above, plus the traditional beach pizza binge. Did I mention this bakery not only makes the most drool-worthy desserts, but they also have the best Sicilian pizza this side of the globe? Every year on our annual beach vacation, we make sure to get our fill ( or overfill ) of Tripoli pizza. I weaken at the knees over its thin crust and sweet tomato sauce. And let us be serious, once you have something with tomato sauce, you need to have something sweet. That’s where the Lobster Tail comes in. One bite of its flaky outer layer with homemade ricotta and whipped cream filling, and you are transported back to the old country

Family is love. Food is love. And when the two go together, it makes one delicious tradition.

Video: Tripoli Bakery

Photo by: Tripoli Bakery

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