Cherry Vanilla Layered Cake and Frosting

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If you are looking for a fresh and easy dessert recipe that doesn’t require a lot of kitchen time, you will want to head over to Jam Hands for their Cherry Vanilla Layered Cake and Frosting Recipe.  They’ll show you how to take a simple boxed cake mix (yes, I said boxed), add some maraschino cherries and fresh vanilla bean, and turn it into a delicious, not to mention pretty, dessert without a lot of work.  To make it even easier, top it with your favorite pre-made (yes, I also said premade!) frosting. Hey, we all know how awesome it feels to bake and decorate a cake completely from scratch, but with all we have going on these days we also know how great it feels to just “get it done”. So try it, and I promise I won’t tell!

Photo Credit: Jam Hands


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    1. Shaina

      I love this, and I love “doctoring” cake box mix. No one has ever been able to tell the difference between my from scratch cake and cake box creations… ;-) My hubby love cherries (he’ll eat a whole jar!) so I will have to try this out for him & the kiddies, thanks for sharing!


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