Easy Valentine’s Strawberry Fudge

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and I have the perfect treat.  It’s pretty, pink, and only has 2 ingredients!  Shelly from Cookies & Cups came up with this easy peasy Strawberry Fudge.  The two ingredients for the fudge are a can of strawberry frosting and melted white chocolate chips.  Seriously, how simple is that?  After you pour the fudge mixture into a pan, you can make cute designs on top and add some sprinkles or candies.  Then, once the fudge is chilled, cut it out in any shape you like.  As Shelly says, “Cut it into squares.  Or hearts.  Or broken hearts if you’re feeling dramatic.”  Any way you cut it, Valentine’s Day doesn’t get any easier.

Photo credit: Cookies & Cups

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