Snickers Popcorn

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If you think you’re dreaming, you’re not! This Snickers Popcorn recipe by Cookies & Cups is a dream come true for chocolate and popcorn lovers alike. My jaw dropped when I saw this photo and I couldn’t click fast enough to get to the recipe! Wonderfully sweet homemade caramel is poured over popcorn, tossed with crunchy peanuts, and baked slowly in a 200 degree oven. But it doesn’t stop there. Add chopped Snickers to the mix and toss it back in the oven just long enough to melt everything together and you’ve got one tasty snack that is so good you’ll be eating it right off the tray!

Photo Credit: Cookies & Cups


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    1. Jessica

      I think I am going to save time for this and use the caramel topping in a squeeze bottle instead of making it. :)

    2. irene white

      I’ve made this recipe a few times and now have friends and family asking for it from across the country. It is SOOO good. It’s easy to make and a truly delicious snack.


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