Colorful Rainbow Layered Cupcakes

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Colorful Rainbow Layered Cupcakes

One glance at these Colorful Cupcakes by The Dainty Squid and I was captivated. No wonder she calls them “the cutest cupcakes around.” Rainbow cupcakes may not be new to you, but whether you have attempted colored layer cupcakes before or not, this tutorial has some fantastic tips.  The Dainty Squid advises us to use only white cupcake papers, avoiding muddy looking colors to get the full effect of the pretty layers inside.  The particular colors that have been used for these cupcakes give me a warm happy feeling, reminding me of a tye-dye dress I loved when I was little. Although, it is easy to imagine the colors altered to fit any occasion. Pastel layers for Easter perhaps?

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Photo by: The Dainty Squid

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