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Best Friends For Frosting has hit 1,000 posts all about desserts, and we want to celebrate with a fantastic giveaway!  Best Friends For Frosting was originally born as a creative outlet just for my mom and I to showcase our homemade desserts on a blog.  As  I continued to surf the internet for inspirational desserts, I wanted one place to show off all the desserts I wish I had the time to make.  My mom got too busy to bake with me, so I took Best Friends For Frosting to an entirely different level.  I recruited an entire team of dessert trends contributors who are just as passionate about dessert as myself.  Best Friends For Frosting transformed into a website  filled with different desserts that I would put in the bakery I once dreamed of opening.  Fun Fact: For two years prior to blogging I worked at three bakeries just to learn how to operate my own.  The deal breaker?  Creative freedom far outweighed making a profit.
I am so grateful for ALL of the talented bloggers who spend countless hours finding delicious recipes, baking by trial & error, taking photos, and blogging about such gorgeous and scrumptious desserts.  You are such an inspiration to me!
So with all of that said, I am so ready to celebrate! I wish I could give each of you a gift. Realistically, I can’t, but I thought a giveaway would be a superb way to celebrate! Get out your party hats and don’t forget the cake!   Why?  Because  we want to celebrate 1,000 posts with you by dishing up this terrific giveaway.  I dug deep in the press and found some highly recommended shops from Oprah, Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, Nickelodeon, Katie Holmes, and, of course, popular picks from our fellow bloggers.  One lucky BFFF reader will win all of the items pictured above- a nearly $500.00 value.


1. Tomkat studio: Small pink milk glass cake stand, Cupcake Kit, Set of 5 pearl sprinkles, $50 shop credit for printable designs
2. Billy’s Bakery: Small celebration package (9-inch cake & cupcakes), Billy’s T-shirt, Billy’s tote bag
3. Sweet Paul Magazine: Spring 2012’s magazine issue
4. Ice Milk Aprons: A Frosty Tin Marshmallows apron
5. Sucre Shop20 wooden ice cream spoons
6. TicingsAssorted Sprinkles & Ticings
7. Grand Traverse Pie Company: Cherry Pie 


In order to modify all of the entries, we are using Rafflecopter to maintain this giveaway.  I promise it’s super easy!  To enter, “log in with Facebook” OR enter “your name and email address”  on the Rafflecopter widget.   Don’t worry, Rafflecopter is totally safe.  It will not SPAM up your Facebook- Scouts honor!  Rafflecopter will show several options on how to enter the giveaway.    Click the “+1 DO IT!” button to earn multiple entries for this giveaway.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

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    1. mari u

      congrats on #1000 !! My favorite is homemade ice cream with fresh fruit on top!

    2. Jessica

      My favorite dessert is a simple vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting! Congrats on the 1000 post!

    3. Natalie Smith

      Woohoo I love BFFF! Congrats on 1000 posts, that is so awesome! My favorite dessert, currently, is mango-guava cheesecake~

    4. Courtney C.

      Honestly, I’m a sugar fiend and love *all* desserts. However, if I have to pick just one, it’s my Mom’s German Chocolate cake.


    5. Michelle

      My favorite dessert is a hot brownie covered in mint chocolate chip ice cream!

    6. Marjorie Vereen

      1,000 posts – WOW!!! Congrats :)

      My favorite dessert is anything with caramel & bananas!!

    7. Tricia

      These days my favorite dessert is anything with citrus. Citrus gelato or lemon merengue pie!

    8. Maria

      Congratulations!! My favorite dessert is strawberry cheesecake.

      Thank you for such a fab giveaway!

    9. Linzy M.

      chocolate chip cookies, warm out of the oven with a big scoop of ice cream on top!

    10. Bobbi

      my favorite dessert is campfire delight cupcakes – dark chocolate cake, toasted marshmallow buttercream inside, malted chocolate buttercream on the outside – an awesome recipie from sweetapolita.com!

    11. Valery

      Congrats on your 1000th Post!! My favorite dessert is a good moist chocolate cake. Yum. With buttercream frosting. Double Yum :)

    12. Janelle

      Favorite dessert~ PIE!!! More specifically custard pie… I wonder if a Custard Pie cupcake is possible? I love your blog & FB page! Congrats!

    13. Lisa

      My favorite dessert in summer is homemade strawberry shortcakes and winter is homemade brownies (chocolate always warms me up)

    14. Faygie

      It’s hard to pick just one, but I think I’d have to go with a really yummy vanilla cake with vanilla frosting.

    15. Elena

      Congrats on your enormous blog post achievement! My favorite dessert is ice cream.

    16. Becky S.

      What an incredible giveaway! Congrats on the 1,000 posts! Quite an accomplishment!

      My favorite dessert is a warm chocolate chip cookie.

    17. Jen

      Wow! Congratulations on your 1000th post! I love your blog and all of the great recipes! This looks like a great giveaway!

    18. Lesly

      Congratulations on your 1000th post!!! How exciting! many more thousands to go :)

    19. LuAnn

      Birthday cake, or cake period, with lots of frosting! yum!

      And congrats on the 1000th post, I love your blog!

      1. Mandi

        Congrats on 1000! Thank you for the great giveaway! My favorite dessert is a simple white cupcake with vanilla frosting!

    20. Diane

      Who would think best dessert could be such a hard question. There are so many things. I guess classic chocolate cake

    21. briana

      AAAAAUUUUHHHHHHH YYEAAUUHHHH DESSERT YYYYEEEEAAAUUHH! Its hard to choose but I think my fav. Is tiramisu..oh truuuueeee! Lol i eat it animal style face first! Look ma no hands lol

    22. Maureen Chapman

      Hard question..lol…anything lemon or raspberry! Bars are my fave!

    23. Deborah

      I love all things cake!!! And I love the website and can’t even count the number of awesome recipes I have found here!

    24. Amy Cluck

      Congrats on 1,000 posts! Awesome giveaways! My favorite dessert is…anything chocolate. Favorite dessert to make would be cupcakes, I think.

    25. Alanna

      I love Cherry Pie. That Cherry Pie looks sooooooooo amazing. I would love to test it out as a winner!!!!!

    26. Runa G.

      Wow!! Congrats on the 1000 post milestone. That is quite impressive. Keep up the tummy yummy posts!

    27. Jae

      Favorite dessert? Ultimate double chocolate brownies with caramel-pecan filling. My all time go-to brownie recipes.

    28. Mary

      My favorite dessert is a malted vanilla milkshake using homemade ice cream and lots of extra malt.

    29. laudia-Cristina Aparicio

      Man, oh man, do I love your blog!! I’ve tried 3 recipes so far and they’ve been Mega hits at our family nights. Thank you!

    30. Merrill

      Carrot cake! My favorite is actually vegan carrot cake because it always comes out moist and perfect. I’ve never had regular carrot cake that could live up to it! Yum! I want some now!

      Congrats on your 1000th post!

    31. Molly Allen

      1000th post! YES! Favorite dessert? Absolutely chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream….topped with Neapolitan ice cream ;)

    32. Samantha

      Congrats on the 1,000th post! I can’t even begin to imagine how exciting that must be! My favorite dessert would definitely have to be chocolate cheesecake with chocolate cinnamon graham cracker crust topped with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Your giveaway looks unbelievable! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed :)

    33. Jenna

      Congrats! My favorite dessert would be Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies and ice cold milk!!

    34. mari u

      chocolate and vanilla cake with custard filling, mixed with french vanilla ice cream!

    35. Kristin A.

      Hmmm my favorite dessert is banana pudding. Or panna cotta. Depends on my mood. :)

    36. Andrea Garner

      What an amazing giveaway! Favorite is my mom’s italian cookie, the roski. Always the first to go when they are around! Congrats on 1000 posts!


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