Chocolate Cake Batter Brownies

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Chocolate Cake Batter Brownies

I have a confession to make: I am a brownie snob. I pride myself on being able to make an amazing batch of brownies from scratch, but in reality, who has the time to make brownies completely from scratch every time you want them? When I found these Chocolate Cake Batter Brownies from Gracie at Girl Meets Life, I was intrigued. They aren’t the same as regular brownies, but that’s actually okay. These brownies don’t try to lead you on with false promises of being exactly like your Grandma’s secret recipe, they’re in a league all their own.

According to Gracie, these brownies are, “fudgy and gooey but in a different way than regular brownies – a better way.” That’s pretty hefty talk, but fortunately for us, it’s true. So next time you’re in a pinch, pull the chocolate cake mix out of your cupboard and make brownies so amazing that your guests will leave wondering, “I wonder how long it took her to make that!”

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Photo by: Girl Meets Life

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