GOOD: Street Food+Design Market Hits Sacramento

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Gourmet vendors and innovative designers are hitting the streets of Sacramento for the first time during the upcoming summer months. Beginning June 3rd, GOOD: street food + design market will occupy a spot on Del Paso Blvd in Sacramento, opening a modern market that will be serving up great food, drinks, produce, and art. On the first Sunday of every month from June to November, a vacant warehouse will be transformed into a hub for unique, quality goods, offering a 15 square foot space for each vendor to showcase their goods and interact with their audience from 1-5 PM.

Dessert vendors for the first market day include Popcycle Creamery, dishing up handmade ice cream, and Mama Kim with chocolate covered strawberries. Wicked wich will have Voodoo cookies, and Goodie Tuchews will serve up a variety of cookies as well. In addition to a unique shopping experience, market-goers will have access to free WiFi, great coffee, and an art area for the kids.

Inspired by public markets in larger cities such as San Francisco’s Ferry Building and Dose Market in Chicago, GOOD: street food + design market will act as a 7,300 sq ft one-stop-shop where consumers can shop, eat, learn and engage with vendors in an interactive manner. Selected vendors will be given up at a 15ft x 15ft space to build out and construct however they see fit to connect with the public.

There is nothing like a public market in Sacramento, and I think this is what makes this idea so unique,” said Jake Swift, owner of Toro Quality Goods. “I constantly have to travel all the way to San Francisco or L.A. to find anything close to this concept.

General Information:

What: GOOD: street food + design market
When: Sunday, June 3, 2012, 1 p.m. – 5 p.m.; First Sunday’s through November
Where: 1409 Del Paso Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95815
Price: $3 admission at the door, Kids under 18 Free (pre-order at


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    1. Roshaun Davis

      Thanks again for coming out! It was great to meet you! Let’s definitely keep in touch!!

      1. Melissa Johnson

        Loved being apart of the first launch! I would love to keep in touch. GOOD: Street Food + Design Market + Unseen Heroes are all amazing. I hope to work with you guys in the future. =)

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