Giant Hostess Cupcake

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I know you remember Hostess Cupcakes from the cafeteria lunch line or having them hidden away in your lunch box. Who couldn’t?  We’re talking about a sweet treat that has been claimed to be the best-selling snack in history, dating back to the original Hostess Cupcake in 1919. But while these small snack cupcakes are classic, there’s absolutely no harm in revamping them, and that’s just what happened with this Giant Hostess Cupcake recipe from Baking Bites. This simple cake uses a total of four chocolate cake layers which are hollowed out and stuffed with vanilla cream filling. We’re talking the real deal here. This cake is stacked, hollowed, filled, and of course, topped off with that popular squiggly line. Not your average lunchtime snack, right?

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Photo by: Baking Bites

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