Ask BFFF: How to Make Bakery Style Frosting

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When I lived in New York, I would frequently hop down to Magnolia Bakery for a cupcake (or two or three). I was so upset that I wouldn’t have another one of their cupcakes again once I moved away, that is until our BFFF Founder, Melissa, shared her favorite frosting recipe with me. Magnolia Bakery’s Vanilla Buttercream recipe is the real deal. It’s as delicious and sugary as I remember. Full of all the quality you would expect from high-end bakery-style frosting, it is now my go-to frosting to top my best cupcakes, and it can be tinted a variety of colors. The recipe calls for a full stick of butter, six to eight cups of confectioners sugar, a half cup of milk, and two teaspoons of vanilla extract. It is a slightly finicky recipe and calls for a certain degree of precision, but I promise that if you follow the recipe to the letter, it is so worth it. Oh, and did I mention it comes along with Magnolia Bakery’s Vanilla Cupcake recipe too? You’re welcome.

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