Ask BFFF: How to Make Bananas Ripen Faster

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I feel like the problem this particular post is addressing happens to me much more than the average person. Perhaps because I love banana bread or perhaps because I love vegan banana cake doughnuts. Whatever the cause, here’s an easy three-step process to ripen bananas faster, to cure all your banana cravings.

Step One: Hold bananas under warm, running water, and then thoroughly dry them off.

Step Two: Place the bananas in a brown paper sack, like the kind they use at grocery stores, and also add an apple. Then tie up the bag or clip it to seal it and keep all of the air out. The apple will send out a gas that will assist in the ripening of the bananas.

Step Three: Leave the fruit overnight. Check on your bananas the next morning. At this point they should be ripe, but if not, feel free to repeat the process for another eight hours.

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