Ask BFFF: How to Make Cake Pops

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Cake pops are a cause for a lot of confusion amongst home bakers. They seem so incredibly complicated, and yet they are really, really simple to make. There are two effective ways I’ve found for making cake pops, but I will say that for first-timers, using a cake pop pan (like Homemaker Chic does) may be the best way to get your foot in the door.


Using a Cake Pop Pan –

I had never used a cake pop pan until I found this How to Make Fool Proof Cake Pops from Homemaker Chic on a friend’s Pinterest board. It totally does work, but you need to make sure it’s the right investment for you. Sure, the cake pop pans are inexpensive, but if you’re not looking to make them all the time, it may be an unnecessary expense. You can use a box cake mix or a home cake recipe with the pop pans. The only big difference comes with the frosting. Homemade Chic recommends adding shortening to your candy pack for a thinner, yet still sturdy, candy coating that will keep your pops from sliding off their sticks. Once you’ve trimmed off the excess cake left by the pan and dipped them in the chocolate, you’re ready to decorate!


The Rolling Method

Bakerella is the queen of cake pops. With books released, cake pop kits available in stores, and a huge selection of designs on her website, it is easy to see that the lady knows a thing or two about creating them. Her method is a little more challenging and takes a lot of patience and a little time, but this method ultimately produces an absolutely wonderful pop. You can use a box or home cake mix for these pops, but you then mix the cake with a pre-made jar of frosting (I’m sure you could use homemade frosting, too, as long as it had the same consistency) and mix them all together with your hands. You then roll a spoonful of the cake mixture between your hands (much like the way you would roll buckeyes or peanut butter balls). You’ll add your sticks to the pre-formed cake balls and allow them to freeze and harden a bit. Then you move on to the melted chocolate to create the outside candy center. After the chocolate layer, you can get to decorating!



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    1. Cat

      I subscribe to the Cake Pop makers that like a baking pan. I first bought one of the little electric cake pop bakers and used the recipe for Red Velvet Cake Pops. I probably ate most of them before the first batch could cool. They didn’t need any icing and they were absolutely delicious. Also, they only took about 6-8 minutes to bake!

      Then I tried the rolling method which was not as nearly as tasty (in my opinion) as those using a pan. I really don’t like the idea of combining icing (more sugar) with the cake and then covering it with icing or chocolate again. It just seem super unhealthy. Also the fact that you have to handle the product so much is just somehow unsanitary to me. I have never bought a cake pop from anywhere because I just think about that fact.

      Anyway, I like the baked cake pops because they are much healthier, more uniform, you can bake loads of them without effort, and finally you can get to the decorating a lot faster!

      Thanks for the article!


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